Gambella Village & TCD (Abridged 11 minute version) from Global Hope Network Int’l on Vimeo.

See the Extended Edition 30 minute video about TCD!

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It may seem like we’re reaching for the stars, but we believe the stars are within reach. Transformation is possible. A desperately poor village can become self-sustaining.

That’s where our Transformational Community Development (TCD) method comes into the story. Our local staff or partners are trained in our TCD method to assist each village with effective guidance and coaching.

The TCD Objective is to help villages achieve TCD Sustainability in five key areas:


Enough clean water for drinking, cooking and hand washing


Sufficient nutritious food to mitigate chronic hunger and malnutrition


Training in critical sanitation, disease-prevention, and safe living measures


Startup resources for dignified and sustainable family income generation


Access to primary level education for every girl and boy

Our TCD Method is a proven approach that produces tangible results. Learn more:



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