Jamal Hashweh

Hashweh, Jamal and Suzan Donate

Jamal Hashweh

Regional Field Leader, Middle East

Jamal A. Hashweh is a Jordanian directing Global Hope Network International’s work in Jordan. Jamal’s experience in humanitarian work dates back to 1991 when Jordan welcomed over one million Iraqi people finding refuge in Jordan. Since then he has been involved in relief work and has provided help to over 1.5 million Iraqis in Iraq and Jordan. He also assists with projects in Syria and Yemen.

Jamal graduated from the University of Jordan in 1978 with a BA degree in Accounting and English Literature. He has served in leadership roles with international organizations both on the national and Arab world level.

He loves to play and compose music and enjoys swimming and playing basketball.

Jamal has been married to Suzan since 1985 and has three grown children; Fadi, Philip and Jane.

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