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GHNI Welcomes New Village!

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Students engage in TCD

Students engage in TCD

*10th Leper Village, Holy Land

A cluster of villages in the Holy Land which we call 10th Leper Village is the newest addition to GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) program.  The people in this village cluster have endured generations of poverty resulted from lack of employment, health care, and education opportunities.  Recent wars in surrounding areas have brought refugee camps to further diminish the villagers’ livelihoods.

Desperate for change, the people of 10th Leper Village welcomed the start of TCD this past April.  The first program started was a course for 14 college and secondary students; girls and boys.

A GHNI-Holy Land leader shares, “They are so excited with this course. These people are doing a great job voluntarily. Their hearts are to help their village and be more influencers.

“One time we presented a lesson called ‘Jumping out of the Box.’ This lesson has had a significant impact for all the attendees. Ben** is age 20. He is very shy, not relational person and not sharing like others. When he got this lesson, we noticed that he was very encouraged and says we have to not be limited in our thinking or our abilities. After the session is finished, Ben says, ‘I was so encouraged from this lesson and I have to start to change of my way of thinking and jump out from the box.’”

*For purposes of security and well-being, “10th Leper Village” is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project and “Holy Land” is a pseudonym of the country where the village is located.
**For purposes of security and well-being, “Ben” is a pseudonym of the person being helped by this project.

Ending Poverty
One Villager at a Time

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No matter where you live, poverty exists. What we see on our national news, it is just the glimpse of the extreme poverty in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Much of the world’s poverty is hidden, covered or ignored in our modern existence. It is too much for us to bear!


GHNI workers cannot turn away from the realities. Our field workers walk daily alongside hidden and hurting communities. They watch as villages transform before their eyes. There is a solution to poverty and it lies within villagers; it lies within those currently living in poverty.


Transformational Community Development is a 3-5 year knowledge transfer program designed to guide rural villagers to use local and culturally relevant resources to develop in five key areas:


FoodViable nutritional food to end chronic hunger and malnutrition. One way this has been successful is teaching families basic agricultural principals and helping them begin a family garden. Click to Donate Now!


Water—Safe clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. Running water is simply not an option for most rural villages; however working alongside villagers to build a well, significantly decreases water-borne illnesses and provides safe water close to homes. Click to Donate Now!


Education—Primary level education for every girl and boy. Instilling the value of education among village families, especially for girls, is key for a community to rise out of poverty. When villagers embrace this mindset, they are inspired to provide an optimal learning environment for children, such as equipping classrooms with seats and desks. Click to Donate Now!


Income—Resources for sustainable family income generation. Our field leaders have found many successful ways to help villagers generate income in practical, culturally relevant ways. One example of success has been loaning offspring-producing, egg-laying chickens or milking goats to families. Click to Donate Now!


Wellness—Solutions for critical sanitation, disease prevention, and home health. Teaching wellness habits and prevention methods has proven to be the most successful way of eliminating disease in villages. GHNI begins with a village health and wellness assessment, and then provides applicable health education lessons for adults and children. Click to Donate Now!

Nepal 2013 079

Join us in celebrating Christmas in July by helping to end poverty today–adopt a village!


Childhood Dream Comes True

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Ashokumar’s Bookshop

Helping people to realize their dreams is rewarding for Celeste and Jay, GHNI leaders in Sri Lanka…especially when the dream is to help others realize their dreams. Celeste and Jay share Ashokumar’s story with you.

Nallathanniya Village, Sri Lanka

“The Income Committee reported that the micro-financing loan program works well. Many are interested in obtaining loans as these loans are interest free. We still receiving loan applications. It is up to the committee to check out if the loan requirements are met and the availability of funds to give out loans.

“The Education Committee requested scholarship test papers to teach the children who will be sitting for their scholarship examination this year. This was approved as the total cost for 20 test paper cost approximately RS 4,000 ($30). Payment will only be made once the test papers are purchased and the receipt is submitted for payment.

“Ashokumar is a young man of 27 years. He studied and grew up in the village of Nallathanniya. His childhood dream was to start a bookshop as he lives in close proximity to the village school. He knows how important a bookshop at this location would be to provide the children with their requirements.

“However, before he started the bookshop, as a young man along with his father, he started a market to provide villagers with their daily requirement of food which he thought was the best thing to do. It was a success. He tells me many teenagers visited the market to buy items and this helped him to find the one he loved among these teenagers who came to the market. He married her and his wife is now also 27 years old. They have one child who is a bundle of joy.

“Before long, he also started the bookshop on a small scale. But the demand for books and stationeries increased and they were unable to keep up with the demand. He was looking for financial help, but was unable to find someone to help.

“He came to know about GHNI micro-loan program through customers who came to the market. He immediately applied for a loan and the committee approved it. The money was used to buy additional items and increase the quantities of fast-selling items.

“He now has a bookshop fully equipped. It includes a telephone that the villagers can use to make emergency calls and a photo copying machine which is very helpful to the villagers. He tells me that business has improved and on a good day his profit is about RS 400 to 500 a day ($3-4). He tells me the best day for business is when it does not rain.

“He has not forgotten his humble beginnings and tells us that GHNI is a blessing to all the villagers of Nallathanniya and to the school children who can buy their items in the village and not needing to travel to the next town.”

Friends Growing Together

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Aberu and friends

Aberu and her friends finally caught onto the income-producing ideas of TCD

When villagers catch the vision of Transformational Community Development (TCD) is when the transformation truly begins. GHNI-Ethiopia shares the story about how one woman grew a contagious passion for her village’s TCD Food Committee.

Mudiyambo Village, Ethiopia
“When we started work in Mudiyambo Village, there were very few people who accepted this vision but now the entire village has taken to the idea of TCD! There are now six women’s groups engaged in agricultural activities.

“Aberu is one of the group members. She and her friends told us how much they have benefitted from the Food Committee training. Aberu and her friends are producing cabbage, carrots, potatoes, peppers and other different kinds of vegetables. Their income is growing fast — now most of them generate up to 5,000 Birr ($250) per harvest and have four harvests per year.

“Most of the women in the village are so excited about their increased income that they often spend the whole day in their field. They have developed a passion to grow food!”

Creating Village Wellness

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Wellness-Graphic“Lack of access to safe, clean drinking-water and basic sanitation, as well as poor hygiene cause nearly 90% of all deaths from diarrhoea, mainly in children. While 87% of the world’s population now have access to improved water sources, 39% still lack access to improved sanitation. Moreover, in developing countries 1.1 billion people still defecate in the open, and hand washing with soap is practised, on average, only after 17% of toilet uses,” reads a recent report by WHO. This report, while astounding in itself, describes only part of the wellness challenge with the villagers we are helping.

Wellness is one of the five areas where we help villagers transform their lives through our Transformational Community Development (TCD) program. These rural villagers generally desire to work on this area in their life because it’s a matter of life and death! It’s amazing to see the hard work these villagers endure to change the daily routines which have been ingrained in them for generations. Here are some of the ways we help villagers increase their overall wellness through TCD:

Disease Prevention: Many debilitating diseases prevalent in rural villages can be prevented through access to clean water and sanitation. Others are not so easy, such as HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Hygiene: Proper hygiene is a foreign concept to many rural villagers. Women and girls are most vulnerable to the effects of improper hygiene, particularly around the time of their menstrual period. Providing knowledge and resources to overcome these obstacles, women and girls can attend to their daily responsibilities with dignity.

Nutrition: Malnutrition is especially devastating for young children in rural villages. Helping villagers find the knowledge and resources by which to maintain a balanced diet, lives are saved and overall more productive.

Children’s Health Education: Empowering children at a young age to take control of their own health and wellness not only gives them an advantage in life but is also inspiring to their parents.

These are just a few ways in which villages have overcome wellness issues. Throughout the month of June we are excited to share with you stories of people who have worked hard to overcome some serious wellness issues in their village.

Join us today in helping villagers in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East overcome their wellness challenges!


Mourning to Transforming

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Help from GHNI

Mrs. Ekuraye is now receiving help from GHNI

Losing a loved one is always hard but a community walking alongside those in mourning encapsulates the pain with hope.  This very thing is happening in the life of Mrs. Ekuraye through Transformational Community Development in her village according to our team in Kenya.

Attir Village, Kenya

 “Mr. Ekuraye (Eh-COO-ray) had been sick for the last two years with no medical attention. They are a very poor family who cannot afford even one meal a day. His wife goes from house to house begging for food from any ‘Good Samaritan’ to have mercy on them by sharing what they have.

“In our process of visiting different homes and interacting with the community we come across this family who is desperate and destitute. We were in a dilemma on how to bring hope to this family who is living from hand to mouth.

“The old man was already dying, but our wellness staff took the trouble to attend to him. Then they took him to the Isiolo general hospital, and he died after one week while undergoing treatment.  Unfortunately, we met him too late in his illness. However, it won’t have to be that way now.

“Mrs. Ekuraye is strong. We encouraged her to joined the Women’s Group who are being empowered with life skills instead of begging, and she did. Mrs. Ekuraye decided she wants to learn ways to support herself and her children. Right now we are teaching the group small simple ideas on how to overcome poverty.

“We are just getting started with Attir village. But their hope is starting to grow.”

Encouraging Article about a
GHNI Village Sponsor!

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Thank you, Tanna Dang and Costco, for your heart to change lives!

Costco magazine focused on how Tanna uses her business, Eden in Love, to positively impact poverty while serving customers in her store.

Read full article…

Gambella, Kenya
…Before and After

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Gambella Village worked for 5 years to transform their village, graduating from our Transformational Community Development (TCD) program this past summer.  The total cost for 5 years was less than $90,000!  In their final report, the GHNI Kenya team summarizes the village’s progress and great news about what lies ahead for Gambella Village.

TCDiconWater - LG


KE 001 Kenya - Gambella Village 13Q4 PHOTO 1 of 10


Gambella was drinking water from the camel stream. Disease rates and infant mortality were high.

KE 001 Kenya - Gambella Village 13Q4 PHOTO 2 of 10


Water Committee formed. A well is now maintained, and families have been taught to make low-cost biosand filters. Clean water has flowed continuously ever since.

TCDiconFood - LGFood

KE 001 Kenya - Gambella Village 13Q4 PHOTO 3 of 10


Parched ground in this drought area led to high starvation rates. Families lived on less than one meal per day.

KE 001 Kenya - Gambella Village 13Q4 PHOTO 4 of 10


Agriculture Committee formed. Three harvests annually each yield over one metric ton. Every family has 3 meals daily, plus surplus to sell for income.

TCDiconWellness - LG


KE 001 Kenya - Gambella Village 13Q4 PHOTO 5 of 10


Gambella had high rates of infant mortality and adult sickness, and high loss-of-work time from sickness.

KE 001 Kenya - Gambella Village 13Q4 PHOTO 6 of 10


Wellness Committee formed. Committee has taught scores of health lessons to the village, reducing infant mortality to near zero. And no new AIDS cases.

TCDiconIncome - LG


KE 001 Kenya - Gambella Village 13Q4 PHOTO 8 of 10


No women produced income. There were no businesses in the village. Men held animal-herding jobs for less than $1/ day.

KE 001 Kenya - Gambella Village 13Q4 PHOTO 7 of 10


Income Groups formed. Now there are over 30 small businesses in the village, and families have enough money for education and health, some making $10-20/ day.

TCDiconEducation - LG


KE 001 Kenya - Gambella Village 13Q4 PHOTO 9 of 10


Gambella had no school. A couple dozen children were learning under this tree with volunteer teachers.

KE 001 Kenya - Gambella Village 13Q4 PHOTO 10 of 10


Education Committee formed. Simple classrooms and school grounds were built, attracting teachers. Now there is a principal, vice-principal, 8 teachers, and 200 children in school daily.


Thank You!

It has been through the generosity and encouraging visits to the village from people like you that the people of Gambella have been transformed to a self-sustaining community.  Gambella once had wars with its neighboring village of Attir, but they now share food producing land and a wind-powered well.  Gambella villagers are teaching Attir villagers the principals of Transformational Community Development (TCD).

Last Day for 2013 Tax-Deductions!

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slider-TCDGo out with a bang to celebrate the New Year!  Make a 2013 charitable and tax-deductible gift to help a village transform from poverty into self-sustainability.  Give a gift today!

How does your gift transform a village?  Visit our Adopt-a-Village page to learn more, or watch this 6 minute video on Transformational Community Development:

Gambella Village & TCD (6 minute highlight version) from Global Hope Network Int'l on Vimeo.

Give a year-end gift to bring help and hope to impoverished people in rural villages!

Give Meaning to the Holidays

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Members of Kaimuki Christian Church on their way to bring gifts to children in an impoverished village

Members of Kaimuki Christian Church on their way to bring gifts to children in an impoverished village

Whether it’s spiritual beliefs or personal conviction, giving feels good!  Kaimuki Christian Church in Honolulu, Hawaii, has caught on to GHNI’s vision of developing impoverished communities toward self-sustainability.

“Several years ago God put it on my heart to give from my social security to help support GHNI.  The Transformational Community Development (TCD) program of making a desperately poor village become self-sustaining sets GHNI apart from many other organizations.  Also, GHNI teams go into village and into people’s homes in areas where the majority of assistance never reach. “ -Harry Higa, GHNI Partner and member of Kaimuki Christian Church

“I’ve seen first-hand in various parts of the world the impact being made and have confidence in the staff who serve as humble servants. That’s why our Thanksgiving Offering will once again go to support GHNI.” -Pastor Ron Arnold, Kaimuki Christian Church

Gather your friends from your church, mosque, temple, or club this holiday season and give the gift of transformation!

Visit to give a meaningful gift!