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Leadership Development in Northern Iraq

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Transformation is not just an aspect of community development, but also leadership development. Mike Shea is the Director of GHNI’s Transformational Leadership Development (TLD) that strives to equip world leaders of developing nations to lead transformational change at home.

Mike recently came back from conducting the first of three leadership conferences in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. He and his team of facilitators were invited by the Minister of Education and had the privilege of working with the highest level leaders in the Ministry of Education.

Here’s a photo journal put together by Mike of the conference:

Downtown Erbil, capital of N. Iraq.

This is my first meeting with Safeen Dizayee, the Minister of Education for the Kurdish Regional Government, in May 2010. After describing Transformational Leadership to him, he said, "Please Come."

The result? We began equipping the highest level leaders in the Ministry of Education in March 2011. Twenty-three men and women gathered together to participate in a creative course that combines lectures, small group activities and discussion.

We used familiar examples to teach universal principles.

Each group was in a race to see who could complete their puzzle first. Some groups had a picture to follow, some did not. Those who did not were barely able to connect the edges without a picture of where they were going, even though they worked just as hard and had as much dedication and tenacity as the others. They didn't think it was fair to work without a picture. This helped them see that their teams have an unfair advantage over other teams when they have a picture of the future. Shared vision matters!

We asked the leaders to stack 12 nails balanced on top of one nail in five minutes. They said it was impossible. Many problems leaders face seem impossible to solve as well. The solution to this "impossible" nail problem helped illustrate that new ways of doing things are required to bring positive change. It is not enough to only have good leaders, shared values and vision.

We not only teach "Leadership is Relationship", we model it as well. The leaders became dear friends as we focused on teaching methods that not only instruct, but build friendships as well.

We offer three distinct conferences to the same group of leaders through out the course of the year. Each delegate receives a Certificate of Participation at the end of each course. Those who complete all three courses receive a Certificate of Graduation.

  Looking Forward

We’re excited about returning in May with another team. The openness of the leaders and the depth of relationship developed with them were encouraging. My heart was enlarged and new people moved into it by the end of our time in Erbil.