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Sewing Skill Brings Joy and Hope

// March 26th, 2014 // No Comments » // Egypt, Egypt-Ezbit el Amir, TCD, TCD Income


Women are filled with joy learning a new way to bring their family income

Women are filled with joy learning a new way to bring their family income

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt

A small pocket of Cairo’s poorest, Ezbit el Amir is a community stuck in a cycle of poverty.  Low literacy rates and few jobs, villagers were without hope before GHNI began a Transformational Community Development (TCD) program.

In our discussions with the community about what they thought were the most immediate needs, income generation was among the top.  A group of eleven women showed interest in learning to sew, so TCD workers began a sewing machine loan and training program.

The women were taught how to maintain the sewing machines and then began sewing lessons.  Each woman was offered a sewing machine “loan”.  In taking a machine, each woman will begin making payments from the income generated from mending and selling garments.

A GHNI-Egypt leader remarked, “We could see the joy on every woman because sewing machines will help each woman to increase her income, which helps her family in living.”

GHNI will continue to teach the women advanced skills and help them maintain the machines.   Our TCD workers will do this by visiting her home, which also allows us to spend time with her family.  It is during these visits when we can see the woman’s progress and collect her monthly payment.   Our GHNI leader also says, “This helps them know that we care about them and love them, so they will accept us and we can speak with them about other areas of hope.”

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School Construction Continues

// March 24th, 2014 // No Comments » // Afghanistan, Afghanistan-Sheldon, TCD, TCD Education

School with roof nearly complete

School with roof nearly complete

Working with the Afghanistan government to build a school for Sheldon Village, the GHNI-Afghanistan and the village children are anxiously awaiting its completion.  With spring and better weather around the corner, all are filled with hope.  Here’s the latest on the school’s construction.

Sheldon Village*, Afghanistan

“Work on the school in central Afghanistan has been progressing well, although at a slower pace. It has not been without its problems, but overall the progress has been good.

“One of the main tasks recently was the installation of metal sheeting for the roof. This is about 90% finished.

“Inside, besides other work, there remains some work to be done with concrete. However, this specific job needs the green light from the Ministry of Education which we have not yet received because of winter.”

“Unfortunately, winter arrived before the work could be completed and the deadline of November 30 was missed. However, this was not totally unexpected and the construction company could continue with some work during the cold months, such as building windows and doors. We hope that it should be completely finished by spring.”

 *For purposes of security and well-being, “Sheldon Village” is a pseudonym of the village that is being helped by this project.


Malaria No More!

// March 21st, 2014 // No Comments » // Kenya, Kenya-Bulesa Dima, TCD, TCD Education, TCD Wellness

Women inspecting their new mosquito nets

Women inspecting their new mosquito nets

When a village reaches a milestone in one of the five areas of Transformational Community Development (TCD), we can’t wait to share it with you.  Here’s a recent story from GHNI-Kenya on one village’s achievement in the area of Wellness.

Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya

“In Bulesa Dima, Mama Sake is one our pioneers who have taken what we taught seriously and rescued her family from Malaria.

“We formed a group of women who have common interests and pulled them together to stand by each other. One of the TCD lessons we taught them was ‘Preventing Malaria.’ The solution is simple, but millions of people in Africa do not apply it. The solution is simply sleeping under a treated mosquito net. After our lesson, we challenged these women to pull their small resources together and each woman got a chance to buy mosquito net for her family. They did it WITH each other!

“Mama Sake or one of her family used to suffer from malaria almost every three weeks. She had to use most of her income on medication. But now three months have gone by and none of her family member has caught malaria. What a simple issue with great help and hope to this woman!”

Newly Born Hope

// March 19th, 2014 // No Comments » // Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, TCD, TCD Wellness

Pakistani woman who experienced a healthy birth

Pakistani woman who experienced a healthy birth

Central Asia

Swelling with new life, pregnant women in a hard to reach region of Central Asia experienced mixed emotions in previous years.  There was joy and hope at the expectation of a child, but they also feared the real possibility of death – either their own or the death of their newborn baby.  Their villages historically reported a high mortality rate for newborns and birthmothers.

As GHNI workers began implementing Transformational Community Development (TCD) in these villages, village leaders reported wellness as a high priority.  Through partnership with nurses and midwives, a BLiSS (Birth Life Saving Skills) program began. For several months, BLiSS trainers lived within the villages, training women in midwifery.  This way many women would be trained as a midwife, allowing each of the villages to experience an increase in safe, live births.  One village reported zero birth-related deaths the following year!

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High School Student Gives Back

// March 17th, 2014 // No Comments » // India, India-Jatapara, TCD, TCD Education

GHNI and Village leaders discussing the village’s needs

GHNI and Village leaders discussing the village’s needs

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is all about the community leading their own change.  In this story recently shared with us by GHNI-India, we were encouraged to see that age doesn’t matter when it comes to serving one’s community!

Jatapara Village, India

“We have been able to train the committee and they are able to see the importance of TCD.

“Det’ is a student in grade 12.  She knows the importance of education.  During our TCD training, she actively took part in learning about community development.

“In our last lesson with the community, we could identify problems that is preventing them from development.  Lack of education was their top problem.  So as a community they made two action steps.

“One:  All women agreed to send their kids to school on time.

“Two:  Det’ will teach all kids before they go to school.  She has already started teaching those kids who otherwise would do nothing after or before school time.”

Students Achieve Top Honors

// March 14th, 2014 // No Comments » // Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka-U Village, TCD, TCD Education

Children listening to GHNI leader

Children listening to GHNI leader

After several months, and many obstacles, villagers are seeing positive outcome from the after school tutoring class in U Village.  GHNI-Sri Lanka is excited to share about their most recent visit to the class.

U Village*, Sri Lanka

“We went to the tutoring class room and watched the teacher teach the children. We were surprised to see the children so attentive and questioning the teacher in English. The English was not perfect but we could understand their questions to the teacher. We are optimistic that the U Village children will be speaking in English before long.

“After the tutoring class was over, we spoke to all the children and wanted them to explain to us how this tutoring class has helped them in their studies. They first thanked GHNI for giving the exercise books for Christmas. Many said that their parents were unable to purchase the books immediately due to economic reasons. They then said that their marks at school had improved and they have become 3rd , 5th, 6th, and 8th in the class. All of us clapped our hands for their achievement!

“Almost all the students have passed their year-end examination which is very encouraging and we know that all these effort of us visiting the village monthly and the committee’s visits frequently has made this possible.

“We wanted to know what they are looking forward for in the future. They said, ‘Computer classes.’  Our reply to them was computers are very expensive and there should be a good room where doors can be locked to protect the computers. What they said next was, ‘Our parents made this class room. We can make a better computer room.’ I smiled.”

 *For purposes of security and well-being, “U Village” is a pseudonym of the village that is being helped by this project.

The Power of
Technology over Poverty

// March 12th, 2014 // No Comments » // India, India-Jharkhand Computer Institute, TCD, TCD Education, TCD Income

Young women working hard to excel

Young women working hard to excel

Jharkhand, India

Miss Baha wondered how she would help her family afford food and other daily needs.  She didn’t have the skills needed to acquire a decent paying job; when she heard about the Jharkhand Computer Institute, she grabbed the opportunity.  She didn’t know anything about computers and English was a major challenge.  This center was established by GHNI to educate in computer education and English as a tool for income generation in this diverse region of the world.

The center is located in Jharkhand, a province of eastern India comprised of the Santal people where literacy is extremely low.

The Santals are one of the lower castes with little hope of a better future.

At nearly 48% of its population living below the poverty line, it is one of the poorest in all of India.

Working through a six-month curriculum, students earn diplomas in computer application.  They can then take an advanced course series to enhance employment opportunities.  One 16 year-old woman, who affectionately calls herself Twinkle, expresses confidence gained:

“Here teachers are giving better teaching about the computer. The educational and learning environment is quite good here. Here the teaching facilities are better. We first go through all the theory classes and then do practical. This method helps me a lot to understand whatever I am learning. I am extremely thankful to GHNI who gives us this facility in my home place at Dumka Jharkhand, India.”

Miss Baha, also inspired and determined in her studies, was encouraged by her new skills.  She completed the six month course last year motivated by the prospect of getting a government job in her state.  Shortly after graduation, she landed a job with the local police in the central jail.  Miss Baha is now able to bring home money to help her family break the cycle of poverty.  She is so thankful to GHNI for providing the Jharkhand Computer Institute!

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Girls’ Class
Motivates Community

// March 10th, 2014 // No Comments » // Jordain-House of Ruth, Jordan, TCD, TCD Education

Intermediate Girls’ Class

Intermediate Girls’ Class

Just one year ago the finishing touches were being put on the House of Ruth, a community center in rural Jordan.  Now the center is bringing help and hope to women and children of all ages!  The GHNI-Jordan team has more great news in their latest update.

House of Ruth, Jordan

“Several young ladies have successfully made it through one year of English studies at the House of Ruth. They are a foundational class and many of the other students who are now coming are either related to them or are their friends. These young ladies have a positive attitude towards learning and are excited to start a new year at the House of Ruth.

“Hannah, who is a local lady that assists running the House of Ruth, is a very gracious woman from Syria. One of the highlights of her week is when the House of Ruth is open and the students come. She is in our English class for women and is progressing through learning the language. She is very grateful to GHNI for working in her village and she is looking forward to a new year and the work of the House of Ruth.

“With some slight schedule changes the House of Ruth will be run as follows:

  • Tuesdays: intermediate girls’ English class; ladies handy craft class.
  • Wednesdays: ladies English class; young boys’ English class.
  • Saturdays: two classes for young girls.

“We are also looking to add a beginner’s older girls’ class. We are also looking into setting up an adopt-a-student program that will allow for sponsors to adopt a girl in the program and be provided with short updates on the progress of their sponsored student.”

New Manager Plans Exhibition

// March 7th, 2014 // No Comments » // Afghanistan, Afghanistan-Garden of Hope and Peace, TCD, TCD Education

Artwork from a previous art exhibition held by GHNI

Artwork from a previous art exhibition held by GHNI

With a new manager running the show, GHNI-Afghanistan is looking forward to new things in store for this community sanctuary.  GHNI leaders share the newest happenings:

Garden of Hope and Peace, Afghanistan

“The new Manager of the Garden of Peace and Hope has successfully completed his first month with GHNI. We are pleased with him and the work he has been doing. He has had a busy month learning the work and planning an exhibition that will take place in February.

“This exhibition is in cooperation with the Fine Arts Department of the University of Kabul. It is a collection of collages focusing on landscapes and faces of Afghanistan and highlights the skills of the students at the Fine Arts Department. The artwork will be on display for about a week at the Garden and we hope to follow this up with another exhibition from the University.”

From Destitute to
Business Woman

// March 5th, 2014 // No Comments » // Kenya, Kenya-Ola Nagele, TCD, TCD Income

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

Habiba shows off some products in her store

Habiba shows off some products in her store

Habiba, an Ola Nagele Villager, is an industrious woman known for her hard work and determination. A mother of five children, two boys and three girls, she often wondered how she would afford mandatory school fees.  In fact, most children in Ola Nagele do not make it to high school because of the large fees.

Participating in GHNI’s Transformational Community Development training, a group of 28 women came together to brainstorm, encourage and support one another.  Habiba has acted as a role model amongst her peers who all received a small business loan from GHNI. Ola Nagele’s TCD trainer tells us,

“Habiba got hope and motivation from GHNI to start her first business. From her intelligence, she started a unique business of selling camel intestine soup under a simple nailed-together structure. The business changed her life drastically.”

Through Habiba’s diligent work, she has been able to send her children to high school – a dream come true! Her transformation grew even bigger, as Habiba has managed to establish two more business!  She now has a small shop selling groceries and vegetables, and a butchery selling camel meat.

Ola Nagele’s TCD trainer says,

“Habiba is so grateful to GHNI for our help. She is a happy woman enjoying the fruit of her labour hoping to prosper even more………”

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