Solar-Powered Lights, New Flag Pole, & Proactive Resilience

A teacher and his students conducting an after-school activity outdoors.

In Attakasikoro, it’s planting season already as the rains have started. This impacts Transformational Community Development (TCD) engagement as locals are usually busy on their farms during this season. However, Teti, the TCD worker, met with some members of the Health Committee to begin a community-wide campaign for the construction of more ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines. The locals keep improving on the construction to keep them odorless.

Construction of additional classroom blocks for the school is also underway. Although the work has slowed down due to rain, the foundation is being dug.

Overall, locals are in high spirits and continue to harness the gains of TCD. The outlook of the community has improved greatly. Locals are now more creative and productive. Many local women who used to be idle and dependent now engage in one income-generating activity or another. They are excited about the freedom this gives them as well as the opportunity to contribute to the livelihood of their households. 

On another note in Effaoho, transformation and development continue to take place. The community school has received yet another upgrade with solar-powered lights being erected as well as a flag of the country flying at full staff. The solar-powered lights further enable school-aged kids to stay in school for after-school activities or tutorials if they desire. They are not restricted by darkness and they can also now sing the national anthem facing the flag which is the usual practice.

Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


Effaoho: The borehole in the community continues to serve the people. Many more people from neighboring villages are coming to settle in Effaoho because of the transformation, development, and the availability of pipe-borne water.


Attakasikro: The community has been taught how to make and use organic fertilizer on their farms to secure greater yields less expensively and more healthily. Some locals have started to use this knowledge and they have testimonials.


Attaksikro: Many more locals are desirous of formal education.
Effaoho: The school is functioning and thriving. The Education Committee is well positioned to manage the affairs of the school with little or no intervention and they are doing quite well.

Income Generation

Attakasikro & Effaoho: The people are now able to suggest many income-generating ideas.

Thank you!

Written by: Bukola

GHNI Volunteer

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