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Lana washing feet of Afghan refugees

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Today, our mission of bringing Help and Hope to the Hidden and Hurting is as critical as ever.  Communities in extreme poverty continue to lack hope, dignity, and sustainable solutions. Disasters such as the recent Turkey earthquake and Myanmar cyclone have only increased the need for TCD, as the poorest of the poor get hit the hardest and extreme poverty is augmenting, not decreasing.

In September of 2022 the World Bank reported that the extreme poverty line shifted from living on less than $1.90 per day to $2.15 per day due to increases in inflation (making life even harder). The number of people living in extreme poverty rose by 70 million in 2020 to more than 700 million.

But there is always hope. That is why we need your help, to make a difference for today and tomorrow. Together we can ensure that the power of sustainable help and lasting hope is brought to villages and urban settings across Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

For example, in Arevashogh Village in Armenia, due to the lack of income, most men had to go to Russia to find work. They are only home for a few months for the holiday season. Given the situation, we helped women start a micro-business of beekeeping, which has been productive in the area, and has helped them move toward sustainability.

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RES4City was launched in Dublin last year. Dr. Charlie Lamento and I attended the launch, and Global Hope is in a strategic consortium of organizations seeking to develop and deliver renewable energy solutions. UNITAR introduced us to that consortium and continues to help us align strategically with organizations helping the poor.

Celia and I led ten professionals on a trauma counseling trip for earthquake victims in Turkey in July. Perhaps you could join a short-term team and use your skills in a similar way.

I hope to be able to meet you soon and travel with you to the nations!


Henry L. Deneen

Executive Director, Geneva


Our Hope for Today & Tomorrow campaign is a four-year, $10 million campaign that will strengthen our existing work and expand into more communities, resulting in a double impact by our 25th anniversary in 2025.

A key element, of bringing hope and sustainable solutions, is GHNI’s proven, coaching-based Transformational Community Development (TCD) method.


– clean, accessible water for drinking, washing, and agriculture


– clean, accessible water for drinking, washing, and agriculture


– clean, accessible water for drinking, washing, and agriculture


– clean, accessible water for drinking, washing, and agriculture


– clean, accessible water for drinking, washing, and agriculture

For example, after 30 years of having no water in Attir Village in Kenya, thanks to generous partners, they were able to install a borehole. This has made a significant impact on the girls who had to walk nearly 3 km to collect water for their families, causing them to miss school. This village not only improved in terms of water, but also went on to become sustainable in the other areas of TCD.

On average, it takes 3-5 years for a village to become fully sustainable in all 5 areas of TCD. Once they are fully sustainable, they graduate and become multiplying models for neighboring villages. A sustainable village will normally impact 8-10 surrounding villages.


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