Community Takes Health Habits Seriously

August 15, 2022

We held meetings with Transformational Community Development (TCD) Committee members. We focussed on encouraging community leaders about the TCD programme and reminding them of their duty and responsibility. 

In May, we also continued regular TCD gatherings. Slowly, a number of people went to their seasonal jobs to harvest strawberries. Every week we did Training of Teachers (TOT1) lessons for a team that helps work in another neighbourhood.

We traveled to another village and showed them how we are working with our community. Here, we explained how some are producing fresh vegetables from their garden and saving money, while others are engaged in keeping chickens to feed families and source income. 

We focus on teaching people how they can live healthier lives by implementing a balanced diet and using safe drinking water. People were also encouraged door-to-door about sanitation. 

There are many cases of heart disease, diabetes, kidney problems, eyesight problems, etc. Many people are careless about their food. So we’ve taught people to stop drinking alcohol, smoking, and stop eating junk food. People love this teaching and they promised to follow our teachings.

Kristina’s Story

Kristina is 22 years old with no job and has one marriage behind her. She thought like many girls–get married, have a family, but never in the direction that she should have a profession and be self-sustaining. She joined TCD training and now wants to train to be a hairdresser or manicurist, and to be able to support herself. She wants to give thanks to TCD.

Tamara’s Story

Meet Tamara. She is 23 years old, has two children, a daughter and a son, and is a regular at social gatherings. She is now in her third marriage. 

We worked with Tamara to teach her about family and marriage, and she has demonstrated great progress. Her daughter, who lives with her, regularly attends school. She respects her current husband and takes care of hygiene, health, and nutrition. She has taken responsibility for her life and her family. Her parents are happy for the change in her life, and she is grateful to TCD for everything she has learnt.

Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


People have learnt about the importance of clean and safe drinking water. Thanks to TCD they have filters so there is a much lower risk of frequent health problems. We are focussed on teaching people not to bathe in dirty water; children have left the habit and started taking baths with clean water.


The community has learnt how to eat safe and healthy food. It has been emphasized that healthy food gives them immunity power that can fight against COVID-19 and other communicative diseases. Likewise, people have been educated to avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and other things that affect health.


People did not have the habit of going to the doctor. TCD teaching brought changes in their lives. Children receive vaccines regularly. Pregnant women started to go for a health check-up. People from the community report regularly for check-ups.


There are many family reasons that children became backward in education. Because of poverty, children were out of educational access. TCD made people aware and opened the door for education for the community’s children. Some students continued their school education.

Income Generation

We have always focussed our TCD teaching to help families be self-sustainable. People used to hope to get help from other organisations and start something. Four people finished Entrepreneur Leadership Development (ELD) training and want to start their own businesses.

Written by: Snezana

GHNI Partner

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