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Sustainable Development

A group of Ngassa villagers pumping water.
Jul 15 2024

Deeper Well Brings Better Water

Thanks to GHNI, villagers now enjoy good water.

The result of Doko village's cleaning session.
Jul 15 2024

Clean Village Attracts New Residents

Neighboring villages notice the visible improvement of the clean and organized village and want to move there.

A classroom made of bricks, which houses classmates on their rectangular desks.
Jul 15 2024

Putting the Land to Use

Gathering ideas for future land use unites and encourages the villagers.

Helwan children each holding a piece of paper.
Jul 15 2024

Welcoming a Change of Heart

Releasing pain and bitterness leads to reassurance and peace.

Inside Marian's snack shop with a variety of treats.
Jul 15 2024

Home-Made Market

Supporting children can look different for each household, but it all stems from a heart of love and care.

Two ladies making a quilt blanket through sewing.
Jul 15 2024

Increasing Skills and Responsibilities

This month, Haggana Village saw growth in practical skills and skills of the heart.

A group photo of the Ezbit el Nakhl children that attend the TCD lessons.
Jul 15 2024

A Growing Peace

As violence deescalates, love and peace have a chance to grow.

Three Helwan children sitting outdoors and having a discussion.
Jul 15 2024

Joy and Peace in This World

The community in Helwan Village is learning to reject sadness and frustration and embrace the wonderful world around them.

A class photo of the children and their TCD teacher in two rows.
Jul 15 2024

Life Lessons and Sweet Gifts

Unconditional love and helpful life lessons are being freely given to the Sudanese refugees.

Some Didi Hara villagers out on their field.
Jul 15 2024

Growing Together

The villagers of Didi Hara have begun their community farming project!









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