A Growing and Active Area

A doctor looking at Egyptian patients.

A seed project was created for a group of Towa women in the dialysis department of Minya Hospital, and I participated. We visited 21 children and 27 senior women and men. The women who participated said they felt great pain in their hearts when with the patients because of the suffering they saw. A healthy meal was distributed, which made a big difference in how the patients felt.

A meeting was set up to analyze sugar and diagnose diabetes in the group of women in Taha. Forty-one blood sugar tests were done, and six cases were discovered. They were referred to the doctor, and they will be followed up with and given a weekly analysis.

A sports day was held for a group of Shusha women, which consisted of game time and company. The women were very happy because they left their homes, changed their routines, and renewed their activities.

Afaf, one of the women of Kom Al-Ahmar, was very nervous and quick to anger. It was difficult for her to control her anger, but after becoming a part of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) group, she saw changes.

A wheelchair was provided to a very poor family in the village of Shusha. This family has two disabled children, and we were able to help facilitate their movement and transportation.

Yara, from the village of Taha, was rebellious, stubborn, did not hear words, and was not obedient at all. When she attended the group and was taught lessons, her life changed. We visited her at home, and through the testimony of her grandmother and her family, her life changed, developed, and matured.

A new group was started with the women of Al-Dawadia. They studied how to be free from fear, and there were beautiful times when the women opened up and shared their feelings without worry.

Manar from the Bami Mazar group was a failure in school and did not care, but after a whole month in which we learned about the importance of education and viewed successful models in education, she decided to work hard. Now Manar is in high school, and we wish her the best.

A skills day was held for a group of women in Dawadia, and they were taught to make homemade lunches for their children, which helps them provide for the children. The ladies enjoyed the lesson very much.

Thank you,

Written by: Keratina – Bassem – Fady – Eman

GHNI TCD Workers

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