A Community Transforming Together

A circle of chainpur villagers in a TCD meeting.

This month, I have taught community members about the use of clean and pure water for cooking, drinking, and bathing. The Transformational Community Development (TCD) Water Committee is taught to solve water problems within the community. I have given them the responsibility of managing water and ensuring equal distribution to each family in the community. The water fountain is becoming dry, so TCD has done an awareness outreach, teaching each household in the community about saving water sources. We repaired the water pipeline, and we cleaned the community drinking water harvest tank. Because of these actions, community members are getting clean and pure water for their daily lives.

Previous TCD lessons had taught the community about kitchen gardening, and now this month every family in the community has developed a kitchen garden. Community members are becoming self-sustaining. Transformation has been seen in the community, and Income Generation has become good. This month, one community member started pig keeping because of TCD’s teachings on Income Generation and sustainability. Because of the TCD program, the community is becoming self-sustaining. Every family is in TCD, and they are doing well. Community leaders gave thanks to TCD for helping the community become sustainable.

This is the success story of Palisha*. She lives in Chainpur Village and has a husband and son. Her husband is a truck driver, but Palisha has no family income source. She used to stay home and be dependent on her husband for every family expense. It was very difficult to manage the family’s basic needs. After becoming a part of the TCD program, she started to keep goats and buffalo. TCD helped her with seed money, and now she has a stable family income source. Because of goat keeping, she is becoming able to manage basic family needs. She is very happy with her job and is successful in raising her family’s income sources. She wants to give thanks to GHNI for the support.

Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update:


 We have done training on the use of safe water for drinking, cooking, and washing. TCD lessons were taught to community families, and we helped get water access for the whole community. We repaired the community water pipeline and cleaned the water source and water tank. The Water Committee is working through the water shortage problem and teaching community members to save water sources.


Because of the TCD program, community members became inspired to do the work of agriculture and grow crops, becoming self-sustaining. Community members were trained to eat a balanced diet, with a priority on buying and eating local food. Kitchen gardening has helped community members save money and be healthy too. Community members are eating protein-rich foods two times per day, and because of vitamins and protein-rich foods, there is no malnutrition. Children are healthy.


I taught community members about healthy living, focusing on community Health education and sanitation. Community members grew in knowledge about healthy living, health care, and sanitation.


Now, because of the TCD program, more than 90% of children go to school regularly. We have held awareness programs in the community about the importance of school education for the children.

Income Generation

 In this village, TCD’s main work is through Income Generation. Loan projects are becoming very effective for involving the community, and community members have upgraded their family income sources. During this quarter, seven new members became involved in Income Generation.

Thank you!

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*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Palisha” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.

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