The Seed Money Grows Again!

A private teaching session at a family's house.

This month, we had meetings with the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Income Generation Members. There were more than 25 participants, and I taught about Income Generation, saving money, and self-sustainability. There were more than ten new members attending class and meetings, and I explained to them the TCD concept and strategy. We formed a new Income Generation team with them, and they became inspired to participate in TCD regularly. Among the TCD Income Generation members who are already successful, Dhonu*, Tyag*, Divsimar*, and Sejun* shared their success stories. By hearing their stories, all the participants in the class became more enthusiastic and encouraged.

This month, TCD collected seed money back from two members, excited that they had succeeded in returning the seed money after receiving the benefits. We made a decision in the committee meeting to support Ahupathi* and Alina* next with seed money for their Income Generation work. When TCD provided them seed money, they could then continue their business, which was stopped because of a lack of investment. They make spices (masala) for local drink production. Now it is their main family income source.

I taught people about sanitation and community health. I met eight members of the community and taught them a health lesson. I chose a suitable family, and through this lesson, they became aware and are now practicing what they have learned through TCD. I have shared the TCD concept with the community members, and because of a friend, I got the chance to share TCD there in the village. I motivated my friend to teach their other friends to do TCD. I also continued to follow up with community members about their Income Generation and Wellness, such as using safe water, nutritious food, sanitation, and school Education of community children.

Here is Kiran’s* success story. He was able to generate an income by keeping hens. He had no family income source before he joined the TCD program. He had to depend on labor to manage his family’s basic needs. TCD supported him with seed money, and now he has a small poultry business and does labor work too. His life has been changed through the TCD program. Now he is a good father and a good husband. He became a responsible person for his family. 

Thank you!

Written by: Sudip


*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Dhonu”, “Tyag”, “Divsimar”, “Sejun”, “Ahupathi”, “Alina”, and “Kiran” are pseudonyms for the individuals being helped by these projects.

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