Help families affected by disaster

Families are in need of supplies

Even before the explosion on August 4th, 2020, Lebanon was already experiencing economic hardship. According to the World Bank, surging inflation reached 84.3 percent last year. As of May 2021, the decline places Lebanon in the top 3 worst economic crises of the last 150 years. Hundreds of families have faced homelessness and do not have access to basic needs. Large parts of the national infrastructure have been crippled. Medicine, food, and fuel in particular are in short supply and almost unaffordable to all but the most wealthy. In Beirut, the explosion only made the situation worse – killing more than 200 people, and displacing hundreds of thousands more.]

Our partners on the ground have experienced days where they have to wait in queues to purchase basic necessities like gas, water, medications, and even bread! When they would find the necessities weeks later, it would be at a rate 10 times higher than the last time.

Thanks to supporters like you, we have helped bring food and supplies to 600 families who lost their homes. We were also able to assist many families with repair efforts during the recovery after the explosion… Because of your generosity, over $30,000 has been raised to meet these needs! Thank you to everyone who donated and helped those in need!

As we continue to send GHNI teams out to Lebanon, our goal will be to carry on building local partnerships and work towards self sustainability through Transformational Community Development (TCD).

GHNI remains committed to the following 3 objectives:


Providing immediate relief to those suffering from lack of basic food and critical medications


Supporting the emotional wellness of individuals and families impacted by trauma


Training families to build sustainable futures, less reliant on the failing economy

Support families with emergency food, emotional wellness, and training 

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