Help families affected by disaster

Families & Children need your help

The Turkey 7.8 magnitude earthquake that first hit on February 6, 2023, was one of Turkey’s worst disasters in decades. News of the devastation is continuing to pour in and the death toll is expected to keep climbing.

GHNI has been working in Turkey for 20+ years and has a strong local team on the ground who have experience with earthquakes. Thankfully, the team was not affected and were able to help with critical relief supplies within the first 12 hours, such as blankets, sleeping bags, diapers,
cooking fuel and food boxes.

With a group of partners, they went on to set up mobile container units for soup kitchens in 6 cities. They used the containers to serve ready to eat meals. For people have either lost all their cooking utensils and plates or it is unsafe to retrieve them. However, as people start to provide
for themselves, these containers can be repurposed to meet the social, economic, and other needs of the community.

There is also work starting to help the youth and their education. Building upon our national leader’s extensive education experiences, and with schools being closed and little for children to do. There is a need to provide physical activities and learning opportunities for them. These would also work well with short term teams looking to serve.

Urgent Needs to keep bringing Help and Hope!

With the cold Winter temperatures, there is still an urgent need to help people stay warm and sheltered, by providing tents and heaters. With our staff’s connections, we have been able to provide both these difficult to source items. With the millions of people displaced there is also a great need to purchase more containers to keep helping and bringing hope.


Looking Forward

As we look toward long-term sustainable development solutions, such as creating women’s empowerment centers from the containers. To not only for the women to learn possible micro- enterprise skills but to help restore their dignity. For example, through offering Beauty Saloons (Chauffeur) to help them take care and feel better about themselves, as well as provide a safe place to socialize and for emotional support.

As our GHNI Regional Turkey Field director has shared, “The destruction and devastation is everywhere. Sometimes, entire city blocks have been destroyed. We get in the car and drive six hours and see the same level of suffering. Yet we are bringing HOPE into this situation with

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GHNI remains committed to the following 4 objectives:


Shelter and warmth in colder Winter temperatures


Containers and soup kitchens for physical and community needs


Women’s Empowerment Centers for sustainable development


Children and youth services for education enrichment and social services

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