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Hand Washing Review

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Learning hand-washing as disease prevention

Learning hand-washing as disease prevention

With a brand new primary school, students are anxious to attend school every day.  With recent review of personal hygiene, as told by GHNI Nigeria leaders, this is all the more possible and has changed the lives of three young girls.

 Dogon Gada, Nigeria

“Aisha, Blessing, and Amira are three small girls, amongst several other children in Dogon Gada who suffered incidences of diarrhea within the past year. Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) Worker and our school teacher discovered that the children have not been practicing hand-washing as they had been taught in the past. So they began to teach hand-washing again within the village and in the primary school.

“Within the quarter, the trio of girls had become diligent in washing their hands, particularly before meals. This prevented them from suffering from diarrhea like they used to. Their parents are very grateful for this TCD teaching because the children are healthier now. Not only that, but they no longer spend hard-earned money on medications.”

Literacy Classes Transform Family

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Meet Samuel

Meet Samuel

When is it too old to begin learning how to read and write?  According to Samuel, there’s no excuse to let age stand in the way of taking literacy classes!  Here’s the rest of his inspiring story from the GHNI team in Nigeria…

Dogon Gada, Nigeria

“Samuel, age 27, is a native of Dogon Gada, where he lives with his wife and three children.  He has never been to school in all his 27 years of living. A couple of months back; he took up the challenge of becoming literate and began to attend our literacy classes.

“He is not doing badly, as he can now read and write letters A-Z, and his name in English. He is doing even much better with Hausa language, which he can read and write simple sentences in Hausa.

“While continuing with his literacy classes, he has enrolled his oldest child who is of school age in the village primary school.

“Samuel said, ‘I have made up my mind to get educated, my age notwithstanding. I will encourage other adults in this village to take up the challenge like I did. Age is no barrier, we must get educated.’

“Samuel is indeed our village advocate for transformation.”

Join Us for a Holiday Feast!

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Gambo Ya’u in his garden.

Are you planning a big holiday feast with your friends and family?  Many of the villages we work in suffer from malnutrition, so “feast” is not a term with which they are familiar.  The families in these villages are working hard just to survive.  They are happy to serve their children any food, and often this is possible only once each day.

This is where GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons on health and nutrition come in.  When families learn to start their own garden and plant a variety of fruits and vegetables, it’s amazing to hear how lives begin to change.  Children are healthier and miss school less often.  They are able to focus on lessons because their stomachs aren’t rumbling.  Fathers can work harder and earn more income when they are stronger.

Gambo Ya’u, a 13 year old boy in Nigeria listened to the TCD teaching on balanced diet and family gardens.  He decided to plant a small garden of vegetables near the village stream.  Faithfully, each morning and evening, Gambo Ya’u tends and waters his garden.

He said,  “I don’t want my family to buy vegetables this year.  We will get them all from my garden and I will sell whatever is left to make small money.”

You can help others like Gambo Ya’u start a family garden this holiday season.

Go to to give a feast!


Watch this 1 minute video to learn more:

Seeds & Training for Garden from GHNI **Please go to GHNI.ORG/HOLIDAY-SHOP from Global Hope Network Int’l on Vimeo.

Sewing Skills Bring Martha Hope

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Martha at her Sewing Machine

Martha at her Sewing Machine

The local tailoring center in Dogon Gada is helping women like Martha refine their sewing skills to help provide additional income during the dry season.  GHNI Nigeria shares how Martha’s special drive will be an asset to her husband and children:

Dogon Gada, Nigeria“Most women in Dogon Gada do not have paid jobs outside their homes.  During the dry season, they stay home to take care of their families. When the rainy season comes, they get really busy and assist their husbands on the farms.

“Martha Danladi is one of such women who lives with her husband and children.  Martha is one of those who enrolled in our tailoring center, an initiative we designed to empower the women with sewing skills and knitting.  She picked up the challenge of utilizing the dry season months productively and learned to sew.  She has been doing well since she started.

“‘I have benefited from the tailoring center because I am now able to make small dresses for my children which I would have paid someone else to do for me,’ said Martha.  ‘I divert such money to meet other needs in my home.’

“Jemima, her Trainer at the Center, thinks Martha is very smart because she has a goal.  She told Jemima that her plan is that when she has mastered her sewing skills she will be able to make money to support her family and even her parents.  At the end of her training, she hopes to have a sewing machine of her own and to own a shop so that she can make money and also train others in the trade.  Martha is determined to put in her best to master it.”

Sarki Yau’s Peppers

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Sarki Yau showing off his produce

Dogon Gada, Nigeria

One decision changed the course of one Nigerian family’s life after their village, Dogon Gada, caught on to new farming practices and Sarki Yau decided to start growing peppers.  GHNI Nigeria shares his story:

“Since the summer rainy season has started, the farming season is here. All the villagers are busy on their farms. The villagers are encouraged to use best farming practices taught them in Transformational Community Development (TCD) for maximum farm yield.

“The man in the picture is Sarki Yau in his farm of tender pepper plants.  His life has been greatly impacted by GHNI’s TCD program in his village. He is an ardent TCD practitioner. The health of his family has tremendously improved. His children are enrolled in the literacy classes; his daughter in-law is learning to sew in the tailoring center. His life is changed completely by the various TCD lessons he has been exposed to.  Recently, he planted bell peppers. He used natural manure made from cow dung in the small pepper garden. The plants are doing fairly well; he anticipates a good yield and a good income.” 

Literacy: New Opportunity in Village

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Dogon Gada, Nigeria

Providing an education for the children in Dogon Gada is a new opportunity that the GHNI team in Nigeria is really excited about.  Danjuma is just one reason why.

“Our village, Dogon Gada, does not have a school. It has never had one. The children born in the village grow up without ever having the opportunity of attending any school. But this story is changing soon. The good news is that a school will start off in the village in September when a new session begins. GHNI is helping to make this happen.

“Having recognized the disadvantaged position of the village as regards education, we have held literacy classes in the village for about three years now.

“Danjuma lives in the village. He was born there and has now grown into a 15-year old teenager.  Danjuma does not want to remain illiterate.  Last year, when he was age 14, he took advantage of the literacy classes. He began to attend classes, though rather inconsistently.


Danjuma’s letter reads, “Letter to my Pastor. I hope you are doing well. I have not seen you in a long while. Thank you”

“When he started, he could not read nor write in Hausa (his native language) or English, could neither spell nor write his name. He first learnt the Hausa alphabets and how to spell and write his name. Danjuma is doing pretty well. As at last month, he attempted to write letters to his friends in Hausa.

“A transformation that is quite promising has begun in the life of Danjuma.”

Africans Solving Africa’s Problems

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Africans solving africas problems

We occasionally pitched in to help

Dogon Gada, Nigeria

From the desk of GHNI regional director, Jeff Latsa, on a recent Partner Trip to Nigeria which proved that the title of this piece, “African’s Solving Africa’s Problems,” can really happen.

“These four words describe my recent trip to Nigeria.  Originally we planned on building a two room adult literacy center.  Because of our National Director’s vision it morphed into a three and a half classroom self-sustainable elementary school.  If you are wondering about the room: on one end of the school we built a small shop (1/2 the size of a classroom) that will sell essentials like flour, oil and soap (in addition to school supplies) to help pay the teachers.  There is no school in the area and kids in this village have never had the opportunity to learn how to read and write.  In addition to this, the classrooms are big enough so kids from the surrounding villages can learn there, too.

“Actually it was NOT us (the five Americans on the short term Partner Trip) who built the school.  Well over 90% of the construction was done by the Africans themselves. Since we still had enough time and bricks (made out of mud & straw) we decided to build three one room apartments – one for the GHNI worker, one for a government worker and the other one is a parsonage.

“Not finished yet, our National Director laid out a third building consisting of a kitchen, mess hall, and a small clinic containing a nurse’s room (which will be used for everything, including delivering babies), a doctor’s office and a pharmacy. Currently there isn’t a pharmacy within a three days walk.

“Our building efforts were contagious.   People all around the village were improving their own compounds.  We saw another family adding a washroom onto their hut.

africans solving africas problems

Dr. Owudah gives a meningitis vaccination as part of the medical clinic

“Talking about medical needs, one year ago we conducted a health screening/medical clinic in the village.  Malnutrition and skin diseases were rampant and hygiene was deplorable.  Some of the same nurses that had been there a year ago were there again during our trip and they were utterly amazed at the improvements in the village.  Weights were up, malnutrition had all but vanished and general health and hygiene had improved dramatically.

“One Dr. Owudah commented, ‘Dogan Gada, upon our arrival looked truly like a Model Village, the surroundings looked well-kept and the set up was good.’  In just two days the African medical team was able to evaluate & treat 373 people.

“ ‘Last year, in December, when I was setting up my goals for 2013, I took time to reflect on my life,’ Dr. Owudah shares with GHNI Nigeria’s National Leader, ‘ I told myself I must take time in 2013 to do some humanitarian work and use my medical profession to be a blessing to humanity…when I heard the [GHNI Nigeria National Leader] talk about the upcoming humanitarian program and called for volunteers…I signed up immediately.  The experience I have had here has been beautiful, enriching and rewarding.  I look forward to having many more such opportunities.  Kudos to GHNI.”

“The real heroes are the Africans.  But you are a hero, too.  Without you, our partners, all of this would not have happened.  You are truly transforming communities and saving lives. Thank you.”

Jeff Latsa

GHNI Regional Field Leader

Fruit of the Faithful

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Fruit of the Faithful

Gambo Ya’u is proud of his garden

Dogon Gada, Nigeria

 “Gambo Ya’u, only 13 years old, a relative of Sarki Ya’u, has been fortunate to listen to our Transformational Community Development (TCD) teachings on food, miracle acre, faith garden, balanced diet. Impacted by these teachings, he decided to plant a small area of vegetables close to the village stream. He is faithful to go there every morning and evening to water it. He said,

“I don’t want my family to buy vegetables this year. We will get all our vegetable supplies from my small garden and I will sell whatever excess I have to make small money.”

This is just one example of the transformation happening in Dogon Gada.  After a recent visit by a Partner Team from the U.S., this village has been deeply encourage and motivated to continue working hard and be faithful to their villages development.  Here is the rest of the report from the GHNI team in Nigeria,

 “We have made much progress in TCD in many different areas.  After attending several of our TCD lessons on food, the Village Chief has planted a nursery of chili peppers. He plans to transplant the peppers at the end of April. Our Women Empowerment (Tailoring Centre) project will soon be up and running as they generate income doing sewing and bead-work.  We have just put up a 4-classroom block for the village school.

“Much of the work was done with the help of a combined team of volunteers from Nigeria and a Partner Team from the US.  The roof will be added next week.  Although these are not all of the current projects, one more project we want to mention is that a team of volunteer doctors and nurses did consultation and handed out medications at a recent Medical Clinic.  The general health of the people has improved tremendously following the TCD lessons.”

There are many more exciting plans for the future, including finishing the classroom project, three seed projects as a way of opening new villages for TCD, launching a goat loan project and a village pharmacy, just to name a few! It is the faithful heart of these villagers that has helped change their own lives.

A Recipe for Good Health

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Sarki Ya’u’s family

Sarki Ya’u’s family

Dogon Gada, Nigeria

Exchanging recipes is a common practice among many cultures.  This “recipe exchange”, as told by our team in Nigeria, is life-saving!

“The people of Dogon Gada are great farmers. Every farming season, they plant a variety of crops ranging from millet to maize and beans. They also rear goats, cows, and chicken.  But, we found it interesting that after harvesting their crops, they sell off almost everything and reserve only millet which they eat all year round. They eat tuwo, made from millet, three times every day. The children of the village are poorly fed and they have high incidences of kwashiorkor, marasmus, and other illnesses arising from food deficiencies.

“Having observed all of the above, we began to teach them TCD lessons on food and eating a quality balanced diet. We also taught them how to prepare abinchi tamowa; a special food made from a blend of soya beans, millet, groundnuts and oil specifically meant for malnourished children.

“The whole village, particularly the family of the village chief, have benefitted tremendously from these teachings. The family now eats rice, beans, meat, eggs, and vegetables. They now value the importance of eating quality food, no matter how small, which is a complete departure from their practice of eating the same kind of food everyday but in large quantities.

“The village chief said, ‘Since we started eating balanced diet and giving abincin tamowa to my children, they no longer fall sick as they used to be. We all eat well now and I can see a marked improvement in our health generally.’”

Daily Realities for a TCD Worker

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Elisha, one family’s hero

Dogan Gada, Nigeria

It was a typical day for Elisha, GHNI Transformational Community Development (TCD) Trainer.   Going through the village, he met Mumi James and her family.  Mumi James, he found, was very sick with Diarrhea.

Martins, National Leader in Nigeria, tells us what happened to the little girl,

 “We had previously taught the villagers about Sugar- Salt solution (Oral Rehydration Therapy). Even though they knew what they ought to do, they did not have sugar and a spoon to measure.

“Fortunately, Elisha he had some sugar and a spoon in his bag. He collected some salt from the family and prepared some sugar- salt solution. He gave it to Mumi James and she recovered. He also educated the family more on the importance of having those materials handy.”