So Many Moments to Celebrate

February 3, 2023

A Jordan doctor doing a medical test on a patient.

The House of Ruth continues to be a shining beacon for those who are hurting and in need in Madaba. Our clinic has helped treat 42 patients this month who were suffering from different illnesses such as chronic diseases, joint pain, anemia, otitis media, and bronchitis.

Rajah* is a 42-year-old married Jordanian woman with five children who is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, stomach pain, and high blood pressure. She works hard to take care of her children, even with all the pain she is going through. Her husband works hard to help his children and family live a better life, but it is difficult for the family to be okay when the mother is suffering and in pain. We started helping her in her healing journey by teaching her a special diet that suits her medical situation. The doctor also encouraged her to keep visiting the clinic so he could follow up on her condition periodically.

During the past weeks, we have been touched by the success of the sewing classes as the five women taking the classes started designing new clothes and repairing other clothes using the sewing machine.

This month, 17 students of different ages finished a three month computer and English course, and we had the chance to celebrate them at the Christmas event that took place at the House of Ruth.

Seven new paintings representing the tree of life were done by the women who are learning the art of mosaic. Three new students have joined our workshop and are in the process of practicing how to cut and stick stones.

We were able to implement a Christmas event for children at House of Ruth. Fifty children from different families and different backgrounds, from Jordan, Syria, and Iraq, were gathered to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year. A fantastic team of performers joined us and helped us bring the joy of Christmas to the children’s hearts and put smiles on their faces. They started with singing and dancing with the kids, then did a magic show, and lastly did a sketch about “forgiveness” and how it is important for us to forgive each other. Then the children were divided into groups and given time for coloring. At the end of the event, Santa surprised the kids with beautiful gifts, and they had the time to take photos with him. This celebration brought a lot of joy to the participants and to the organizers!

Thank you!

Written by: Sameer

GHNI Jordan Admin Assistant

*For purposes of security and wellbeing, “Rajah”is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.

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