Organic Fertilizer Produces Flourishing Farmers

Farmers standing next to their harvested tomatoes.

Batemone farmers, Lanbomi L, Djagle, and Lanboni B, are three of several farmers who are reaping the dividends of last year’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons about organic fertilizer production. All three are members of the Food Committee and overjoyed to see the bountiful yields they got from their tomato and onion dry season farms. They planted these with composted animal manure and food processing wastes, watered by irrigation. 

Prior to the training, most Batemone farmers used mainly chemical fertilizers to grow their crops. Due to increases in cost, most farmers could no longer afford to buy chemical fertilizers, an issue that became a great concern to them. Our TCD worker, Sayi, grabbed the opportunity and began to talk to them about the use of organic fertilizers since it’s safer for health and low cost. The idea was well received and Sayi locally organized the training.

Lanboni B, who is currently harvesting his tomatoes, told Sayi recently that the tomatoes are so good that some buyers have been travelling to Batemone to buy baskets of tomatoes and not waiting until they get them to Dapaong market 23 kms away. “I testify that with the garden in the dry season, I have more income and poverty decreases”. Other farmers echo Lanboni’s testimony. They have more income as a result of increased, better quality yields with little or sometimes no cost incurred on transportation. They report that TCD is making so much of a difference in their individual lives and in their community as a whole.

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Written by: Shade

GHNI Project Manager

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