Transforming the Women to Transform the Community

A group of Egyptian women sitting and smiling.

We continued to provide Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons for women. Fifty water filters were distributed to purify water in the village of Ezbet Al-Majidi in Upper Egypt in order to preserve the health of the families. One of them was installed in front of the village women so they could then install it themselves inside their homes. Umm Ahmed shared that it will help her family be in good health.

A symposium was held for a group of women in Ezbet al-Jabarti, Upper Egypt. It was about effective raising of children because many mothers and fathers practice cruelty in raising their children, believing that it is the correct way of raising children. More than 50 women attended the symposium. Many of them said that it was the first time they heard such good teaching in their lives, and they would apply it in their homes.

We continued to provide TCD to women in cluster villages in Upper Egypt, and we noticed that most of the women did not know how to write. We started a literacy class in the village of Al-Jabarti for 35 women, and the women began to know how to write their names for the first time in their lives. This made them happy and gave their lives meaning.

A sports day was held for the TCD women’s group in the village of Shusha, Upper Egypt. Women in Upper Egypt suffer from a lack of entertainment and are not allowed, according to the culture, to go out for fun. Therefore, a day of games and company was held for the women, and it was a time filled with playing and running. It was a different and special time.

Umm Bishoy from the TCD women’s group in Dowadia took a small financial loan to create an Income Generation Project inside her home by selling fruits and vegetables to meet her family’s basic needs.

Marvia is from the village of Ezbet Rafael and is in the TCD children’s group. She was always sad and felt lonely and insecure. Because she had many sisters in her house, and her family did not try to meet her needs due to the large number of children, she always felt small. When she attended the TCD group, she understood and knew her true value. Knowing she had a role in society, her life changed, and this appeared in her clothes, her smile, and her acceptance of herself—that she was beautiful.

Mothers in the Nuba tribe treat their children very harshly. The children and their leaders participate in the TCD class, so for this reason, an awareness seminar was organized for mothers to learn the correct upbringing of children based on love rather than violence and cruelty. It was a wonderful opportunity for discussion, questions, and how to apply new methods to raising children.

Shorouk from the TCD children’s group in Beni Mazar participated and said, through the group, she learned about personal hygiene and eye care. She suffers from eye problems, and after listening to the lesson, she became interested in eye hygiene. This helped her study and concentrate better.

A training day was held for TCD children’s leaders in the village of Saft al-Laban, with teachings on guiding healthy children and how to develop a child’s skills to be a successful and influential child.

The dental clinic in the village of Saft El-Laban provides a affordable and distinctive service and helps thousands of poor people in the area. Mahmoud said, “In light of the high prices, I cannot find a clinic that provides good service to patients like the Saft El-Laban clinic. I come from a neighboring village because I find good treatment and very low prices compared to all clinics, as well as awareness about dental hygiene. This is not found anywhere else.”

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Written by: Keratins, Bassem, Fady, and Eman

GHNI TCD Workers

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