Seeking to Help Holistically

September 5, 2023

TCD trainees after a day of training.

This quarter, we decided to start Transformational Community Development (TCD) in two more villages. Around 90 km outside of the city, there are two villages: Caledl Oluchadara Village and Zumand Village. We held three TCD lessons in each village and talked about how we could transform the villages in a holistic way. Two men, *Mehrdad and *Darab, were both at the ToTCD training and helped us with training in the villages.

Our team members, *Kosha, *Khoram, and *Lala, shared how GHNI changed their villages and what kind of positive changes partnering with GHNI brought to their communities. We also met a man who shares our interests and is willing to speak with us and support our efforts.

Following the training, we decided to create two committees in each village, one for Water and one for Education. We have some ideas for Water and Education projects in both villages. We will work with all community members in the village to try to find solutions to the problems and seek out how these projects can change their lives. Through this project, we want to see holistic work in the village in order to achieve maximum results in all five areas of TCD.

In Kurbon Village, we conducted some health lessons and moral lessons for the village. We also put together two summer camps for four villages, where we shared our experiences in saving problems. The summer camps also helped our relationship grow stronger. We want to be like family in the community. They can see our actions, and we can show them our love through our actions.

Thank you!

Written by: Oleg


*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Mehrdad, Darab, Lala, Kosha, and Khoram” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved in these projects.

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