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A profile shot of Amira Shaaban.

Amira, 11 years old, is one of the quietest girls in the Transformational Community Development (TCD) children’s group in the village of Bani Mazar. When we started the group, she was not interested in the group, closed herself off, and was shy, but later a shift occurred in her personality. She learns quickly and now communicates with others. She said, “I learned from the lesson to give respect to my elders, parents, and teachers. My family noticed this and encouraged me very much. They are responsive and change quickly for the better.”

Muhammad is 12 years old and from the Bani Mazar TCD group. Muhammad was one of the most naughty children, non-compliant, and disrespectful to his friends. However, because of the leadership’s love for him, he decided to help the leaders and took care of the group. He became very active, learned quickly, and thought creatively. He also learned embroidery and handicrafts, and now he makes a good product and sells it to neighbors and friends.

Malak, also from Bani Mazar, is 14 years old and was suffering from a feeling of inferiority. She is part of a large family and felt that she was not wanted and that her parents treated her with extreme cruelty and neglect. After her time as a member of the TCD group, she believed and realized that she was loved because of the encouragement from the group members. She became very active, and although her parents did not change their harsh ways with her, she shared with one of the leaders and said, “I was the one who changed.”

A group of TCD teenagers from Towa worked on a seed project by cleaning the secondary school in the village. The school had piles of accumulated dirt, but they trimmed the trees, and the classrooms were cleaned. There was a strong practical love from the youth for the school. The school principal thanked the youth and asked them to continue serving the community. He said to them, “We are accustomed to seeing teenagers at this age sabotaging the school, but you did the opposite, reforming and blessing others.”

Umm Kyrollos, from the TCD women’s group in the village of Dawadiya, is the mother of four children, with three of them attending school. Her husband’s salary is not enough for household needs and school expenses. The TCD group for women learned how to make liquid soap and detergents, so she took a loan from GHNI and started a small project selling detergent, which helps her household and her daughter, who will get married next year.

Abeer, from the women’s group in the village of Al-Sharafa, took a small loan from GHNI and bought a sewing machine to help the house with their needs because her husband is sick and does not work. She now makes clothes for the women and children of the village. She is also developing herself by working long hours to expand her project.

Joy is 13 years old and from the Shusha Village TCD teen group. She was suffering from loneliness and a lack of attention because she has five sisters. She always felt inferior and forgotten, and she did not receive attention from her parents. After attending the TCD group, she heard a lesson about value and that she is special. She was transformed, her life changed, a smile appeared on her face, and she understood that she was precious, loved, and had value.

A celebration was held, and gifts were presented to the children of the village of Saft El-Laban as a result of their commitment to regularly attending the group for three months. The children kept coupons that they earned from attending lessons, sharing with others what they learned, and excelling and applying what they learned. Every three months, they exchange coupons for gifts, which encourages them. This helps them to commit and motivates them to continue.

Umm Karas is 31 years old and attends the TCD women’s group of Kom El Ahmar. She recently participated in a lesson and later shared, “I was complaining about everything in my life, like my husband and my children, and I was unhappy in my life, but I learned from the lesson to be content and that happiness does not lie in financial wealth, but in contentment with life.”

The children of Adandan Village suffer from poverty and do not find anyone to care for them. The development committee in the village decided to start a TCD group for children, and a committee of village youth was formed with a training team to take care of the children and teach them. Twenty-five children meet for three hours a week and learn lessons on morality, health, social behaviors, and their psychological health.

Thank you,

Written by: Kerstina-Bassem-Fady-Eman

GHNI TCD Workers

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