From Seeds to Goats to Seeds Again!

A teacher and her students during class.

“My name is Pabin*. There are a total of seven members in my family, and our job is to work as laborers for others. We didn’t always get jobs, and it was very difficult to support the family, but when Transformational Community Development (TCD) classes started in our village, public awareness of TCD education gradually improved in my family. I received seed money and bought a goat. With the proceeds from the goat, I took out a loan to begin farming. Why did I choose farming this year? Previously, I used to work as a laborer to support my family, but today I farm and labor for myself and do not have to buy rice to eat. I started applying TCD’s lessons to my life and family, and now things have changed. I would like to thank the organization very much.”

This month, community members were taught about drinking clean water. Due to the change of weather, there was no cold area in the houses, so the housewives were thought to keep water in jugs to keep the water cool. The members who maintain the hand pump were also taught to check the purity of the water from time to time.

Community members and children were encouraged to pay attention to their studies, study hard, and study at home so they could pass their exams in order to brighten their futures. I also taught about relationships.

I taught six community members about vitamins found in milk and curd and that it is very necessary to keep our bodies healthy. Healthy food gives strength to our bodies. I also taught that after cooking food, it should be covered well to be protected from dirt and flies.

This month, the members of the community have progressed in terms of income and finances. Lessons from TCD have shown the community how to improve. Our community has helped two people with land registration in order to solve the problem of finding healthy food for themselves on a daily basis. They are learning to cultivate it themselves.

Thank you!

Written by: Mary


*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Pabin” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project. 

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