Help families affected by disaster

Afghanistan 1-year anniversary

One year ago, on August 15th, Kabul fell once again. The government of Afghanistan collapsed as parliament was occupied and most of the pro-western leaders fled the country. Millions of people were affected as fear, confusion, and uncertainty spread through the country. Border restrictions caused widespread food shortages as shops and stores closed. Thanks to many of you, we were able to feed thousands of people and help families to stay warm through the harsh Afghanistan winter.

As our work continues in Afghanistan we’re focusing on more long-term and sustainable initiatives again, but we still need your help.

One year later, while not ideal, the situation has stabilized and things are approaching a ‘new normal’. Amazingly our work is going strong, and recently our National Field Leader stated, “We are busier than ever!”  They are even growing into new areas of the country.

We are so grateful to everyone who has generously contributed to supporting our efforts in assisting the people of Afghanistan through this difficult transition. Your support has made it possible to feed more than 5,500 families and keep them warm during the harsh Afghan winter by providing firewood and coal. Your support has provided more than a quarter of a million meals, and helped start an additional 350 gardens.

We continue to face the ramifications of the disastrous take-over. Starvation, unemployment, and hopelessness are rampant. Our staff still face the daily dangers of bomb attacks, in-fighting, and protests.

There is always Hope!

As we shift back to long-term sustainable development, our staff are actively working with villages that began Transformational Community Development (TCD), and the TCD Empowerment Centers we began continue to this day. There are even openings to reach into new areas as well. We have had almost half a dozen national staff join GHNI in spite of the transition. Our team continues to work with the families and communities that we have been assisting since the power shift last year. Just yesterday I received a video of our team delivering food supplies of flour, rice, oil, sugar, salt, and soap to 40 families in Daykondi! 

Thanks again to everyone who responded with compassion last year. As we mark the 1 year anniversary of the fall of Kabul, will you once again stand with the victims of this never ending conflict? $40 will still feed a family for a week. Your gift of any amount will help alleviate the suffering that so many are experiencing. Thank you for your love and concern for the people of Afghanistan.

GHNI remains committed to the following 3 objectives:


Alleviate the suffering caused by the collapse of the government, with a special emphasis on helping women and children.


Help those who want to and have left Afghanistan.


Lay the foundation, so we can continue our work of sustainable development, to help the Hidden and Hurting in Afghanistan.

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Support families in Afghanistan

Our goal is to help provide short-term food relief to these families by providing food essentials like vegetables and rice, and kitchen kits including various cookware for sanitary eating. As well as helping those who want to leave and those who have fled the country.

Fundraise to support families

Engage your personal network by launching a fundraiser to support families in Afghanistan!

Join a Trip!

Experience a trip of a lifetime with GHNI and make lifelong memories as you interact with villagers!


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