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Bangladesh is a country in South Asia.

GHNI started its work in Bangladesh in 2015 in partnership with Bangladesh Revival Church in Leadership of Bony Baroi. We started work in Chartulatoli village. After graduating from this village we are working in Dadpur village in partnership with local partners.


villagers impacted each year

Dadpur Village

Dadpur a Santal Village located 3 kilometers far from a small town nearby. The total 53 families and the number of populations are 230. They are mostly day laborer and live from hand to mouth. Santal people are one of the minority community in Bangladesh and their social-economic conditions are not good. The mentality of Santal people is not very much eager to leave their old rural habits because they have illiteracy, superstation, unwariness, poverty, mismanagement and laziness. As a result, they do not know clearly more about the remedy of common disease like diarrhea, coughing, fever. Even sometimes they take medications without doctors’ advice. Sometime it’s also seen that they go to shaman to get remedy. But following some cleaning step (proper hand wash, dish wash and safe drying and keep neat and clean own house and yard) they can be safe from some disease. The covid-19 pandemic situation it’s been seen there are not enough awareness about stay clean like proper hand wash with soap or sanitizer. There is some abandoned land beside their house where they can utilize it for kitchen garden, planting trees for fruit or wood, firewood and if they wish they could meet their protein needs doing livestock and poultry farm. But due to their short-sight, laziness or lack of capacities they could not able to uplift their conditions.

Teaching the community about TCD and help them with development mindset. Encourage every one to use toilet. Help them make toilets or help them get toilets from government projects. Helping them setup play school for younger children so that they will have access to education from their early childhood. Help them start after school coaching class for students so that they will excel in their study. Help them plan for income generation project to improve their income.

Sustainable Development Projects

Check out some of our TCD projects in Bangladesh!

Safe Drinking Water

Villagers use water from shallow bore well. They are not sure how safe is this water for drinking. They have decided to do a water test and if they find problem with water, they would work on a safe drinking water project. There are 5 families with no water source. Either their tube well is not working or they don’t have one. The community is working on a project to help these five families get water.

Visiting Homes

Villager have very little or no idea about health and hygiene. Therefore, the committee have decided that TCD worker along with TCD volunteers will visit every home in a weekly basis to evaluate their lifestyle and teach them from health lessons. Families are excited about this journey for transformation.

Education Projects

There are two program going on related to education. First one is play school. Children bellow 4 years are brought to a play school so that they will get habituated of going to school. Second, there is after school coaching class going for student who are will to take additional class. They are also teaching Santali Roman Script to all age group.


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