How Cassava Helped Change Minds

A villager showing his crops that will be sold.

Earlier in the year, during a Transformational Community Development (TCD) lesson, villagers were taught how to make organic fertilizer from resources already available to them. Some gathered the materials and applied what they learned. However, because it was new knowledge, there was a bit of skepticism. Some reluctantly applied to their cassava farms, leaving out corn and millet farms, which are the major economic crops. To their amazement, the cassava yield and quality of the crops produced was nothing like they had ever gotten. In fact, for the first time they were able to sell the harvested cassava at local markets and they got a very good bargain. The farmers who used this fertilizer are now willing to use it again and this time on all of their farms, while those who didn’t are now convinced to try it after seeing the successful outcomes.

The end of year is always a joyous time and season of celebration for the locals. This meant the perfect time to remind them about the rudiments of basic personal hygiene and food safety, keeping their food germ free and fit for eating. TCD Worker Mainasara held a refresher class with some villagers on proper hand washing and it was highly engaging. In addition, the end of year celebration is also a great time for the women to make fashion statements, wearing and showing off new clothes. Fatima, a TCD worker, had some local women in the Tailoring Center make and display new gorgeous outfits.

Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


The community has been taught to make and use organic fertilizer on their farms to secure greater yields in a less expensive and healthier way. Some farmers have started to use this knowledge and have testimonials.


The state of wellness in Koubah Bingo has been great. The villagers practice what they are taught at TCD lessons and this has reduced the prevalence of common diseases.

Income Generation

The milling machine loaned to the community is still in good working condition and the committee is working tirelessly to overcome the challenge of finding a stable operator for it. Also, the goat loans given to some villagers have helped many families and some are beginning to pay back their loans.

Thank you!

Written by: Bukola


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