Increasing Trust in Themselves and Others

A group of Saft Al Laban ladies showing the disinfectant they made.

Randa from the Transformational Community Development (TCD) ladies group in Al-Koum Al-Ahmar used to abuse her children with detrimental comparisons. She would also insult herself and had a distorted self-image.  Through time and a journey with the TCD group, she learned to love her children unconditionally and not make comparisons. She also learned to trust herself and reject all false images of herself.

Bassem, a poor young man in the village of Al-Sharafa, started a wood manufacturing workshop, but he needed some tools and the purchase of wood so that he could bring income to his poor family. He took an Income Generating loan from GHNI and bought tools and wood, making the workshop, which is now running well. He supports his mother, father, and brothers through his business.

Suhaila, a girl from the TCD group of teenagers in the Beni Mazar, Upper Egypt cluster, shared that she used to bully her parents, not give them enough respect, and deal violently with others. After joining the TCD group, she learned to treat her parents and others with respect and also to help them. She learned to give more than she takes, and she said that her father noticed the change, and his treatment of her now is much better than in the past. He now loves and encourages her.

Mahmoud, 13 years old, from the Bani Mazar TCD group, shared that he used to steal pens from his friends at school, but after hearing the honesty lesson, he learned not to steal anything that is not his own and to be honest in everything.

A seed project was conducted in Al-Taybeh village, Upper Egypt cluster. Fifteen TCD children cleaned the school in which they study after hearing a lesson about personal hygiene. The children decided to clean their school to be role models and teach others as well. The children collected money from their personal expenses and donations from their families and provided 15 brooms, 15 trash cans, and other cleaning tools, which they gifted to the school administration.

A sports day was held for the children in the village of Kom El Ahmar, and more than five games were presented with educational ideas such as cooperation, participation, and working as a team. There was also a time to share food after the end of the sports day.

The women in the Saft al-Laban TCD group are mostly poor and do not work because they are not educated. With the difficult living conditions and high prices, everyone suffers. A skills day was held for women to teach them how to make Dettol, the disinfectant for germs. Members of the village will buy it at high prices. The goal of teaching these lessons was for the women to start home projects, such as making liquid soap or food, to be a source of income for them. Umm George is a woman from this group. Her family’s income was very low, and their financial situation was difficult. She took out a loan to start a sewing project to help her husband increase the income, and now she works four hours a day and helps her family.

The women of Ezbet Rafael suffer from many diseases, including diabetes. Their blood sugar was measured, and then a seminar was held on the symptoms and causes of diabetes, how to treat it, and how to follow up with a doctor.

Umm Mina is a woman from the women’s group of Dawadiya Village. She is a widow with three children. She takes care of and supports her family and has no income. She took out a loan to raise birds at home to help herself and meet the needs of her children.

Thank you,

Written by: Keratins, Bassem, Fady, Eman

GHNI TCD Workers

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