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February 3, 2023

A TCD leader dressed as Santa and is with a child who was given a gift.

Rania is one of the ladies of the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Women’s Group in New Minya. She is married and has two daughters. Her husband works as a taxi driver, but he is not the owner. She was worried about her daughter’s feelings because she and her husband could not afford to buy new clothes for a holiday or supplies for the house. But the partnership with TCD was like a ship that saved her from drowning in frustration and fear over her circumstances. She wanted to thank those in charge of the program for providing them with what they needed.

A group of women in Taha Village organized a day of sharing food together. That week, everyone brought a variety of food items, which they shared together. The dining table was filled with very beautiful traditional village food.

A symposium was held for a group of women in Izbat al-Majidi on how to address marital problems and the role of women in the home. This group is considered special because they share ideas with love, and there is room for discussion.

Nahed, a member of the TCD group of women in the village of Shusha, spoke about how difficult it is to deal with her husband’s family because she believes they are watching everything she does, looking for things to blame and fault her for. This has caused her psychological pain and exhaustion, but she is learning to forgive, love, and focus on her life and her children without caring about what people think. That belief has changed the way she thinks and behaves as well.

More than 600 pairs of shoes were distributed to the children of the groups we serve, as gifts for Christmas and the New Year. The Christmas party for the children’s groups in Minya was a wonderful party filled with an atmosphere of celebration, love, and giving. It was very pleasing. About 200 children attended the party in red uniforms. Bags of nuts were distributed to each child, which doubled their joy and filled the children with gratitude for a year full of love from the leaders of their groups.

With the cold weather and the lack of cover for many of the poor, 200 blankets were distributed to four poorer villages and families at the end of the year. These villages and homes were chosen because these families did not have the money to buy blankets. They were helped through partnerships, and this assistance caused rejoicing in their hearts. Indeed, giving brings joy to the heart!

Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


We were able to distribute 200 boxes of food to the poor in nine villages in Minya and 40 bags of food to the poor in Bani Mazar.


A medical examination to 500 cases from 4 villages and provide them medical glasses.

Income Generation

We spent time training seven women on sewing, cutting, and detailing clothing. We were also able to teach 30 women to make detergents and soaps, and eight small projects have been launched for poor families in Shusha.

Thank you!

Written by: Kerstin, Bassem, Fady, Eman

GHNI TCD Workers

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