Following TCD into 2023

Community members gather with the TCD workers.

I teach about the Transformational Community Development (TCD) program as much as possible, and it has been very effective and beneficial to the members of the community. We have determined which goals we need to achieve in order to transform Chainpur Village into a model village. We have worked tirelessly to impact our cluster villages, which are the surrounding villages outside of Chainpur.

While meeting with leaders, committee members, and the Income Generation team, we shared that they have done very effective TCD work in the lives of community members. We thoroughly discussed it and discovered numerous successes that community members had achieved through the TCD program. The level of progress is measurable and has impacted other members of the community.

We also discussed how to move forward in 2023. I encouraged the villagers to follow TCD teachings because they are very important. Most of the local community members have joined TCD, and because of the TCD program, the local community’s total income increased in 2022. The local community leaders thanked GHNI for their partnership.

I’ve been providing free tutoring classes to community children every morning and evening. When I quizzed the students, I found them very weak in English and mathematics, so I started some classes. Because of the tutoring class, children are improving their studies. This has impressed the parents and guardians.


Ashima’s* Story

Ashima* lives in Chainpur Village. She has five members in her family, and for a long time, she was upset because of their financial problems. They had no income sources and had no idea how to raise their income. It was extremely difficult to manage the basic needs of the family. When the TCD program started in the village, she joined the program and took classes. She was so excited about Income Generation. She got seed money from TCD and started a microbusiness in the village. Her shop makes a profit and has become a good source of income for the family. After her business was progressing, she began keeping poultry as well. Later, her husband became ill and needed to go to the hospital for treatment. Because of her business and saving, she was able to save his life. She told us that if she had no savings, then she couldn’t have paid for her husband’s medical needs. She is an excellent example of an entrepreneur in the village.

Written by: Kiran

GHNI National Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Ashima” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.

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