Successful Training

A group photo of the attendees for the TCD training.

This January, we conducted three days of Transformational Community Development (TCD) vision seminars at Myanmar Mission College in Hlegu. This is the first time our country has allowed us to have in-person TCD training after the pandemic. The seminar was organized by Richard and the principal of the mission school. The co-facilitator, Karin, and I facilitated the training, and it was a very productive time. The 35 participants were students of different ethnic groups who came from different parts of Myanmar. We covered 12 TCD core lessons, including TCD Core Values, Relief vs. Development, TCD Concept, the Need for TCD, Worldview and Development, Identifying Needs and Resources, TCD Worker and Committee Roles, Assessment Training, Steps to Implement TCD, Seed Projects, Building Community Ownership, and Summary and Evaluation. The students do not have a development background. The training was challenging, but at the same time, it was exciting for them. They all said they wanted to learn more from us until they felt ready to teach others. 

Out of 35 participants, 4 are from Pathein and have been doing TCD in their area. I observed that it takes time to help someone understand TCD deeper. They need to build more capacity to make their implementation more effective.

I used the newly translated version of the TCD lessons and observed the participants’ responses. It helped me understand if the translation was clear and effective. I found a few things to edit for the next training session, particularly for explaining some important lessons like worldview and development.

The Ten Seed Method was used to evaluate the training at the end. It puts no pressure on the participant to express their feelings or give feedback. According to the Ten Seed Method evaluation, the participants rated the training 8 out of 10. The only reason they did not rate 10 out of 10 was that they wanted more time and lessons.

Thank you!

Written by: Solomon

GHNI National Field Leader

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