Many Facets of Hope and Help

The Mosiac group showing their work.

House of Ruth’s activity with Transformational Community Development (TCD) continues to be a source of hope for the surrounding communities. This month, our clinic has helped treat 38 patients suffering from different illnesses such as chronic diseases, joint pain, skin infections, anemia, ear infections, and bronchitis.

When a person’s financial situation is difficult and their life is full of challenges, they may find themselves turning to things that are harmful to their health in order to find peace. This is what happened with Mourad*, a 28-year-old Jordanian man who lives with his family of 14, including his parents, brothers, wife, and children. The stress and responsibility of supporting a large family led him to take up smoking, which exposed him to some health problems, the most immediate of which were severe headaches. He went to our clinic, and the doctor started his treatment journey while also trying to help him quit smoking.

This month, we graduated 20 students who had taken a 3-month sewing course, learning all the basics of sewing. The graduation ceremony included some words of encouragement from the team and trainer, in addition to the students presenting some of their work. Certificates and gifts were distributed to the graduating class. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Development and Municipality. During the sewing workshop, the five newer women who started the course in February learned how to make a t-shirt, a skirt, and a kitchen apron.

The English course continued for the third month, maintaining 21 students. This month they learned new lessons related to practical life experiences. They learned how to apologize and how to sincerely thank others.

A group of three girls and three boys (including one new person) attended our second English class. Over the course of the month of March, the students worked on improving their ability to ask different questions. They practiced asking questions in various contexts through role-playing and other exercises. A second session focused on teaching students the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives and adverbs. The aim was to help students increase their vocabulary and improve their ability to express comparisons in English. The third session covered three topics: body language and voice intonation for public speaking and presentations; commonly used words and phrases, such as a few, a little, much, and many; and asking for and giving directions. Students learned nonverbal communication techniques, practiced using commonly used words and phrases, and learned how to ask for and give directions in English.


Thank you!

Written by: Sameer

GHNI Jordan Admin Assistant

*For purposes of security and wellbeing, Mourad is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project. 

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