Overcoming Difficulties Together

A TCD worker and Iraqi women having a discussion in the Healing Trauma Support Group for Iraqi Refugee Women.

Through Transformational Community Development (TCD), we have established a support group aimed at helping Iraqi refugee women heal from trauma. A crucial resource for women who have suffered great loss and hardship is the Healing Trauma Support Group for Iraqi Refugee Women. The group provides these ladies with a secure, encouraging space where they can connect, heal, and work towards resilience and recovery through talks on hope, sorrow, and heartache and through sharing personal stories. This program exemplifies the strength of compassion and camaraderie in the face of difficulty. One of the central elements of our support group is the sharing of personal stories. Women within the group openly discuss their painful experiences, providing a space where they can connect on a deeper level and find common ground. Among more recent stories are heart-wrenching accounts of family members tragically lost in a recent fire during an Iraqi wedding.

Our primary objectives are to assist these women in understanding and managing their emotions in a healthy way, start them on a journey of healing, and provide them with the tools to support and uplift one another. In this group, we delve into the concept of heartache, explore the role of hope during painful times, and promote a healthy approach to grieving. The group has become a platform for women to share their stories, many of which involve tragic events, including the recent loss of loved ones in the fire during the wedding.

In the month of October, the clinic served 96 patients with diverse medical conditions, including chronic diseases. Diagnosis, treatment, and specialized medical support were provided. Patients also received guidance and counseling on lifestyle and nutritional improvements.

Taimim*, a 43-year-old man married with no children, has been enduring back pain resulting from a workplace injury. Despite the difficulties, Taimim and his wife are resilient. Even though they are currently unemployed, they face their challenges with determination and optimism. Following his doctor’s recommendations, Taimim has been advised to perform specific physical exercises. These exercises are a crucial step towards his recovery and pain alleviation. With the support of his wife and a commitment to his rehabilitation program, he is striving to overcome his health challenges and regain his quality of life. Taimim’s story exemplifies strength and resilience in the face of health challenges and demonstrates how family support and commitment to treatment can be key to recovery and overcoming difficulties.

The ongoing sewing workshop continued, where women learned design and sewing skills, focusing on creating distinctive national women’s clothing as well as designing bags, jackets, and dresses. The women continued to develop their skills and further delve into the art of sewing during this ongoing workshop. They enjoyed the opportunity to design and sew a variety of clothing pieces and unique fashion. Through this continuous workshop, these women persist in honing their skills and applying their creative designs. This workshop serves as a platform for promoting independence and enhancing creativity through the art of sewing.

This past month, we delved into learning the days of the week and taught students how to recognize and use the names of the twelve months. We came to understand the four seasons and associated weather conditions, helping students connect weather with each season, such as the concept that “in summer it is sunny.” We then explored daily routines and activities. This helped students discuss their typical day, from waking up and having breakfast to going to school and other activities.

During the computer lessons, we introduced students to the essential components of a computer. They gained insights into the functions of the CPU, monitor, keyboard, and more. We delved into the concept of input and output devices, teaching students how data was entered into a computer and how it was processed and displayed on the screen. Students also got hands-on experience with Microsoft Word, learning the basics of typing and formatting text.

Interactive games and engaging activities continue to be a part of our lessons to make learning about these topics enjoyable and memorable for students.

A new beauty course teaching women how to divide and style their hair started in October. Women’s passion to learn and improve their skills in the field of hair beauty was evident in the course attendees’ enthusiasm and active involvement.

The mosaic workshop continued with enthusiastic women producing mosaic artworks and learning new drawings. The participants demonstrated commitment to enhancing their artistic skills and creating unique pieces.

Thank you!

Written by: Sameer

GHNI Jordan Admin Assistant

*For purposes of security and wellbeing, “Taimim” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.

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