A Multitude of Positive Changes

A group of children jumping for joy.

Saif is a child from the Adandan children’s group in Nuba, Aswan. He is a beautiful child who is always smiling. Saif shared that after the lesson of respect, he will not knock on the neighbors’ houses in the afternoon while they are sleeping. He also shared with his friends that they should stop this bad habit of harassing people.

The group of ladies in Taha Village is a good group. They have strong relationships with each other and with members of the community. A breakfast time was held for the group, and each lady brought a plate of food from her home. This was done to develop companionship with each other. The time was filled with love. The ladies shared that they were very happy to eat together and share their needs together.

Most of the older women in the village of Ezbet Al-Majidi do not know how to read or write. Transformational Community Development (TCD) awareness classes on Education were organized in the women’s group there. The women were taught to write and sign their names, and they were also taught numbers. They were taught how to read anything before signing it so that no one would deceive them or steal from them. They were very happy, as they wrote their names for the first time in their lives.

The children of Ezbet Rafael Village are smart children. Since they joined the TCD program, they have learned quickly and applied what they learned. A skills day was held to discover and develop their talents. The children drew amazing shapes and presented wonderful paintings.

TCD continues in the village of Al-Taybeh, and the children are learning quickly. A sports day was held where they were trained in four games with important ideas and lessons such as cooperation, teamwork, and respect for each other. We taught that individualism and selfishness defeat the team and that teamwork gets us to the goal quickly.

Michael is a young man from the TCD teenagers group from the village of Tuwa. Michael was a very stubborn young man who did not submit to the leaders or respect them, but after joining the group, he learned a lot. Recently, we have seen a change in Michael’s consistent obedience and submission.

The TCD program works in the Nubian village of Adandan. A sports day trip was organized for the children. They enjoyed the games and were taught some creative principles of play on this day. This helped them develop fellowship and love for each other.

A new group for TCD children was started in the village of Shusha after the graduation of the first group of children. The group is now led by local leaders who rely on the use of available local resources. The children are enthusiastic about change.

Many of the poor from the ladies group in Izbet Rafael Village do not work and do not have an income. We taught the women to make luncheon meals at home with any very simple ingredients available to them. We encouraged them to sell it as ready-made food or make sandwiches for their children while they were going to school. The women are happy with this type of Income Generation training.

Thank you,

Written by: Kerstin, Bassem, Fidy, Eman

GHNI TCD Workers

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