Disaster response

GHNI is assisting communities in crisis because of natural or man-made disasters with immediate needs and helping them rebuild for a more sustainable, resilient future.
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What is Disaster Response? 

GHNI responds to natural disasters and political conflicts after first responders have completed their work. We work with community leaders to identify current needs and help rebuild, empower, and raise up those who were affected. GHNI teams focus on filling strategic needs that large government agencies miss or are not nimble enough to meet. We strive to leave the community better than they were before the disaster and teach self-sustainability.

Goals of Disaster Response

We will provide immediate and practical relief then transition to long-term sustainability (Transformational Community Development).



Through disaster response training, GHNI equips volunteers with basic relief skills to help them function effectively as part of a disaster response team and sow the seeds for identifying villages that could benefit from TCD.



Mobilize Short Term Teams (STTs) to supply health care, construction, counseling, food and other immediate needs of the community.



Provide necessities like blankets, clothing, food, and medicine, as well as meeting the  needs of emotional health for kids and their families experiencing trauma.



Building partnerships with local organizations and training them in long-term sustainability to bring resilience and dignity to the communities affected by emergencies.


Egypt Trauma Team

Over the past year, more than 450,000 Sudanese have fled their home country as a response to the war in Sudan. From April 12-21, 2024, a trauma counseling team led by Celia Deneen worked with Sudanese women in Cairo and Aswan, Egypt. They worked alongside our Global Hope colleagues living in Egypt and consisted of trauma therapists, two psychologists, and a medical doctor.

Our vision is to see people transformed through the efforts of professionals using their skills in interenational settings. Support our efforts by donating online, funding a similar trip, or joining a short-term trip yourself.


The Turkey 7.8 magnitude earthquake that first hit on February 6, 2023, was one of Turkey’s worst disasters in decades. News of the devastation is continuing to pour in and the death toll is expected to keep climbing. GHNI has been working in Turkey for 20+ years and has a strong local team on the ground who have experience with earthquakes.


Recently Pakistan has been devastated with seasonal monsoon rains. Like most disasters, the poor, those who can ill afford to lose whatever they have, are disproportionally affected by this catastrophe.  This is because they own the least desirable land and live in homes that are vulnerable & poorly constructed.  

East Africa

Ethiopia and Kenya are suffering one of the worst droughts on record in the last 40 years. Life in this arid and semi-arid region is often difficult, but with the last four rainy seasons failing, the situation is becoming more desperate.

Would you help us provide 500 households with emergency food and water assistance?


This closely knit community though with water well is suffering untold hardship from malnourishment, cholera, malaria and small pox. There is no latrine and waste disposal system. These are not issues beyond present medical realities. TCD will bridge the gap and provide access to the community to be transformed.


One year ago, on August 15th, Kabul fell once again. The government of Afghanistan collapsed as parliament was occupied and most of the pro-western leaders fled the country. Millions of people were affected as fear, confusion, and uncertainty spread through the country. Border restrictions caused widespread food shortages as shops and stores closed. Thanks to many of you, we were able to feed thousands of people and help families to stay warm through the harsh Afghanistan winter.

The Refugee Crisis

Global Hope Network International empathizes with all refugees, those forced to flee their home in fear for their lives due to conflict, leaving everything behind, hoping to start again somewhere or find temporary shelter until it’s safe to return home.


Will you join us in bringing relief to people in emergencies around the world?

Our Impact

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