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It is in the Horn of Africa is a rugged landlocked country. It is a place of ancient culture. The villages where GHNI works are very distant from the mainland and there are hardly any efficient means of transportation. The villagers are in desperate need of self-sufficient practices for their everyday life and transportation solutions.



villagers impacted each year

The Work in Ethiopia

We are trying to implement TCD practices by building water wells that can benefit everyone and save them some trouble with transportation and traveling great distances to find water. The villages of Hara Wayo, Didi Hara, Elala and Mata Hara are seeing true transformation due to the efforts of our team. Mudiyambo and Tuka have recently graduated from the TCD training. They have shown tremendous development and growth. As our regional head mentioned, ‘the seed project was the icing on the cake because it took off so rapidly and people started showing great responses, as it covered two key elements of TCD, food and income generation in one go”. We have set up literacy centers in Mudiyambo and Tuka and the response from the people has also been really fascinating as well. These villagers have suffered severe poverty and starvation for generations. Once they see the village transforming on multiple levels, they are overwhelmed in joy as the future generations don’t have to face what they did. They are truly leaving the world better for their future and through the process have influenced 8 other surrounding villages.


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East Africa

Parts of East Africa are suffering one of the worst droughts on record in the last 40 years. Life in this arid and semi-arid region is often difficult, but with the last four rainy seasons failing, the situation is becoming more desperate.

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Latest stories from ETHIOPIA

A mini dryer made of wood that looks like a mini raft.
Oct 06 2022

Defeating Sickness Through Expanding Cleanliness

Education is an excellent way to keep villagers healthy.

Two upright, rectangular bathroom stalls created by the villagers
Oct 06 2022

Continual Development Empowers a Community

As the Wellness Committee continues its educational practices, villagers continue to build a healthy community.

A Didi Hara house that is round and has a cone-shaped roof.
Oct 06 2022

Destroyed Homes Lead to Well-Built Relationships

Villagers in Didi Hara assisted in rebuilding the broken homes of migrating residents.

Sep 01 2022

Learning Cleanliness for the Community

Learning about communicable diseases can help safeguard the whole village.

Sep 01 2022

A Village Empowered by Women

Goats can be a wonderful commodity for villagers.

Sep 01 2022

A Community Learns Together

Challenges might grow, but not as quickly as this village’s vegetables!

Sep 01 2022

Diversification Leads to Drought Resistance

Community development training has helped one village diversify and provide for each other, even in the face of a severe drought.

Aug 15 2022

Expanded Irrigation Benefits Many

Securing a pond helps to secure their future.

Aug 15 2022

Education Leads to a Lifetime of Transformation

When children receive an education, the results benefit the entire village.

Aug 15 2022

Diversifying Lifestyles through Agriculture

Becoming agriculturally diverse will feed their village and help save their lives.


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