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India is the second most populous country in the world and home to an incredible diversity of people and ecosystems.

GHNI has been working in India since 2012. Since beginning TCD in Dhoker Jhara village, hundreds of families have experienced a new lease on life moving from hopelessness to hope and dependency to self-sustaining. Many of these efforts are now expanding into the surrounding communities through clusters. Sushil, our Regional Field Leader, says, “It is amazing to see so many villages are ready to change their communities by embracing TCD!”


villagers impacted each year


"TCD has given us a new hope. We have realized our own potential. Now we don't depend on others rather we do it ourselves."


"TCD has helped us coming out of poverty and stay healthy. We no longer spend money on sickness but on education of our Children."


"We are free now , from poverty , sickness and we can dream about our own future and also achieve it."


Check out the villages we work in India!

Sustainable Development Projects

Check out some of our TCD projects in India!

Borewell in Binodpur village

Binodpur village in India lacked clean drinking water. People were using contaminated water from ponds for consuming. The same pond was even used by animals like buffalos, ducks, etc. Villagers used for washing clothes and bathing and the same water was being used for cooking also. Keeping this in mind, GHNI provided a deep borewell in 2018 and since then the villagers are getting clean drinking water.

Primary School in Dhokerjara village, Jharkhand.

A small English medium school was started in Dhokerjara with a dedicated team of teachers who were also the village committee members. This school has earned a good name within no time and students are coming from far villages too. So now school have started small hostel facilities . Around 180 students were studying before the pandemic.

Goat Loan Project, Dhokerjara and Khairbari Villages

Around 10 families in jharkhand and 5 families were given goats as loans for income generation. In Dhokerjara 10 families were given two goat each and in Khairbari village they were three goat each. Though mortality rate of goat is very high still most families were able to sustain it and made good income out of it.

Latest stories from INDIA

A group of Binodpur men and women in two rows, posing for a photo.
Nov 03 2023

Excelling in Education

Student success is growing as the tutoring and computer centers continue serving the community with diligence and care.

A group of men in a circle and in a discussion.
Nov 03 2023

Finding Committed Teachers

Villages in the Tea Garden Cluster are continuing to look to education as a means to excel in the future.

TCD worker, Sanjay, standing in front of a large business building.
Jul 10 2023

Partnering for New Ideas

As the work in South Asia grows, leaders from many organizations come together to share ideas and encouragement.

A TCD meeting in India.
Apr 30 2023

Fertile Fields

Success is seen both in planting fields and planting the idea of TCD.

A table of locals distributing seeds.
Apr 30 2023

Planting Seeds For the Future

Both seeds in the ground and seeds in the hearts of students find fertile ground.

A group of Indian children.
Apr 30 2023

Graduating Both People and Villages

It is beautiful to see when children are educated and projects are almost complete!

An outdoor TCD meeting.
Apr 30 2023

Leadership Training Explodes

True transformational community development lends itself to growth throughout many different communities.

Indian villagers attending a TCD intro meeting.
Mar 30 2023

Raising and Training New Leaders

With the help of both vision and training seminars, the ideals of TCD continue to spread in the Tea Garden Cluster.

Binodpur children watching a musician play a guitar.
Mar 30 2023

Focusing on Education

Children and parents are excited about the new tutoring center and the opportunities this focus on Education can bring.

A group of children at the tutoring center of Shri Ambra
Mar 30 2023

A Center Reopened

The villagers of Shri Ambra celebrated as the tutoring center was reopened.


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