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This desert country is much needy in the basic needs of life from water to education, waste disposal and a clean environment.

Mauritania, a country with multiple interests yet with low economy and high inflation. Indigenes came to Mali to participate in a TO TCD and MVC. They returned to engage their communities but resources was limiting factor. So we decided to give a practical hand of help and hope.


villagers impacted each year

Tetangel Village

Close to River Senegal, this community needed a water pump to irrigate their farms. The waste disposal is poor and there is no western educational program for the boy girl child. The children travel to another village to attend school on a Monday and return on a Friday. Due to poverty, there is barely any food to eat for the whole of the week since they are in a community other than theirs. Income generation program is barely available.

The whole of Mauritania is desert sand, dusty, dry and hot. We plan to join this community in the journey of sustainable transformation so as to show in practical terms that TCD works. And that through TCD, this proposed model village can become the message carrier for TCD across the region. An irrigation farming program was started that will help the community farm her agricultural needs. We plan to build a VIP Latrine plus an educational facility for the boy girl. This will enhance the health of the community plus raise healthy and enterprising transformational thinkers.

Sustainable Development Projects

Check out some of our TCD projects in Mauritania!

Tetangel Borehole Project

Irrigation was done but we are yet to drill a borehole. The irrigation point is from river Senegal. We are yet to carry out a water test to verify if the water is good for drinking. The irrigation project from river Senegal is presently providing water and turning the desert to a farm land that is growing massive quantity of food enough to keep the community from starvation.

Irrigation Agricultural project

As stated under water category, the food produced from the irrigated land is enough to keep the community from starvation. The farm land is coordinated by the women who form themselves in to groups so that the irrigated farm can be managed profitably. There is large animal farm though nomadic and not stationary. This contributes to the stock of food for the community. The milk, cheese and butter plus meat support the agricultural farm.

Tetangel VIP Latrine

The waste disposal of the community is fairly active. However, due to the multitude of flies in this desert community, improved sanitation is expedient to enhance an adequate healthy status. The people barely take showers or baths except the ladies. The feces disposal needed to be improved.. There is need for more education on how the water of river Senegal can be of massive benefit to the community and create sustainable healthy life.

Tetangel Goat Loan Project

The community has individual animal farms. This farm is majorly cows and sheep. We embarked on a goat project because it is more economical and less cumbersome. Goats and honey and soap making plus women sewing centre are all the income projects that can be initiated in the community which will help develop a mindset change resulting in transformation which can be locally sustained.


By donating today, you can help sustainably transform the lives of villagers in Mauritania. Will you join us to bring hope?

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