Focusing on Women and Children

A TCD worker handing food to an Egyptian woman.

A symposium of about 100 women was held in the villages of Shurafa and Dudaya to discuss good ways of raising children. They were allowed to ask questions and discuss. Um Karas is a woman from the New Minya group who has a son. There was a dispute with her husband because of the way she treated her children, but after hearing the Transformational Community Development (TCD) lesson on the wrong and right ways of raising children, she changed and improved the way she dealt with her children. Her husband happily testified about his wife’s changes.

Classes for women’s education were started in Ezbet Al-Majidi, and they started learning Arabic and English letters. This brought a wonderful response from the ladies.

A symposium was held for women in Taht Village, where they discussed the psychological factors women face, how they can best feel safe, how to work through grief, and how to exercise their rights in their lives.

The women’s group in Safat Al-Laban started a seed project with 50 poorer families in order to help them in light of the high food prices. Chicken, sugar, tea, flour, and salt were distributed, bringing a smile to their faces.

100 ration bags were also distributed to the villages of Shusha and Al-Drum because of the poor conditions and high prices.

Jalila is a girl from the Shusha group. A major shift has now taken place in her academic life, her interest in clean clothes, and the way she speaks. She now has a positive effect on her friends.

Mahmoud helped us gather the children and help young children in the winter. He drew with them, and we helped care for the infants. He helped one man bandage his wounds and put him up in a hotel. How much I felt the sincerity and love of that man.

Um Mina is with a group of women from the village of Tawa. Her husband wanted to marry off his daughter at an early age, but because of the TCD lessons that education is important and early marriage is a mistake, Mina’s mother decided to challenge everyone and stand up for her daughter’s education. She persuaded her husband to back down in this matter, and now she cares about educating and rearing her daughter well.

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Written by: Fady


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