Healthy Water, Healthy Food, Healthy Children

Children in the middle of learning.

This month, eight families received Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons about Water purification and diseases caused by dirty water. During this initiative, five families received water filters from the local government. Majda*, Sanaa*, Saliha*, Chams*, and Sakina* were all beneficiaries.

Sakina* shared, “There are six members of my family. My family’s situation was very poor and financially weak; only my husband used to work for the family. The children were small, and I used to get sick all the time. When TCD classes started in our community, I learned a lot about how to stand on my own two feet as a woman with resolve and to help solve our family’s financial problems. The TCD education and help brought happiness to my family, and the classes have solved many problems for us. Through the initiative of the TCD group, the local government provided a filter for drinking water. I am very happy with GHNI. If TCD classes were not in place in our village, my financial and health situation would have been serious. But now, because of TCD, I have been able to drink safe water, raise a family better, and have resources I would not normally have.”

I met individually with parents, visited their homes, and talked to them about the importance of Education. After consulting with them, now 20 children are going to school. All this is the result of the TCD class.

Regarding Food, as the weather changed, I reminded community members that we should eat healthy food according to the season. I taught this at home and in TCD class as well. I taught them to eat more fruits in the summer season, like watermelon and cucumber, which increase the vitamins available.

Due to the weather changes this month, many people have had health problems such as headaches. We got them checked and received free medicine at the local health post. We also checked out 15 children’s mid-upper arm measurements during this month. This is a common medical procedure for measuring arm length and growth, which can reflect the overall health of the child. The examination found that all is normal, which makes members of the community very happy.

This month, the local government distributed two cows and four goats to senior citizens, both men and women, to help increase their income. This made the community very happy. Community members also learned how to make bamboo covers, an initiative of the TCD group in economic development and vocational training.

Thank you!

Written by: Mary

TCD Worker

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Sakina”, “Majda”, “Sanaa”, “Saliha”, and “Chams ” are pseudonyms for the individuals being helped by this project.

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