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Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles” for the friendly demeanor that is so common with the locals. TCD in Thailand is in the early phases but is picking up steam.


TCD in Thailand is focused on a cluster of villages and one separate village in the mountains and rural areas of the northwest. The villages are largely composed of minority groups such as the Lisu, Lahu, and Karen peoples. Work is in the beginning phases.


villagers impacted each year


    Baan Pongsa Cluster

    The villages in the Baan Pongsa cluster are largely isolated from the greater Thai population and cities through poor roads and distance. All have a mix of no or intermittent electricity, no or poorly paved roads, no or just primary school, and no running water. The villages also struggle with income generation as farming is their primary source of income and are thus greatly dependent on the weather and market fluctuations.

    This cluster of villages shares common challenges and often works together to overcome them. Still, some struggles persist such as poor access to larger markets and a lack of clean water. As such, these villages recently identified that their goals for seed projects are to repair the most dangerous parts of the road and to build water filtration systems in the community.

      Mae Pa Pai Village

      Mae Pa Pai, though far from a major economic center, does not suffer from a lack of access thanks to their good roads (for the most part). Instead, this community struggles with violence, drug and alcohol abuse, a stagnant economy, lack of education, and sickness. The community is comprised of Northern Thai people and Karen people. Nearly everyone works in agriculture and are either small-hold farmers or work on other people’s land.

      This community identified as their seed project the need to hold a community cleanup day as there is trash scattered around the community. This cleanup was recently executed and the community is planning their next steps. The need for economic training for a group of women who run a weaving cooperative has been identified as a goal. Likewise, a group of farmers who raise pigs has shown interest in improving their practices.

      Latest stories from THAILAND

      A formal meeting in an indoor community center.
      Apr 03 2024

      Village Leaders are Key to Progress

      We believe in a “pull, not a push.” In order for us to work with a village, the community needs to want to be trained in how to transform their village.

      An organized, group photo of TCD teachers and Thailand students.
      Feb 07 2024

      TCD Potential in the Next Generation

      After three months of training, the youth have a vision for development for their communities.

      Four tall, blue containers that house filters for water.
      Nov 03 2023

      Water Filters are Working Well

      On their own, the villagers built a roof over their water filters and even the children are learning about development.

      Thailand villagers cutting wood.
      Aug 11 2023

      Motivated Villagers Act Immediately

      Excited by the prospect of having clean drinking water, the villagers started preparing immediately!

      The Weaving Group standing with their marketing sign.
      Jun 26 2023

      Villagers Learn Marketing

      Now that they have products to sell, the villagers need to attract buyers.

      The Thailand community learning how to make their own pig feed.
      Apr 30 2023

      Homemade Pig Feed Saves Money

      We teach villagers to use locally available resources to feed their pigs and to make water filters with local materials.

      The Mae Pa Pai community seeing how to make nutritious pig feed.
      Mar 10 2023

      Villagers Learn to Make Pig Feed

      Instead of buying pig feed, the villagers are experimenting with homemade pig feed to see if this will save them money.

      The Sewing Committee having a meeting.
      Feb 03 2023

      Vision Trip Inspires New Ideas

      Resistance to try new things was overcome by seeing what others were selling.

      Dec 27 2022

      Two Villages Experience Progress!

      One village improved a road and another made plans to market their products.

      Thailand villagers fixing their flooded road.
      Dec 02 2022

      Motivated Villagers Work to Fix Their Road

      Intro: Using low tech, low cost, local resources, with local ownership, the villagers work together to solve their road problems.


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