Water Projects Gushing with Life-Changing Impact

March 30, 2023

A village woman getting water with her wide bucket.

Loko, the Transformational Community Development (TCD) worker, started the new year by evaluating the impact of the borehole and ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine projects (executed by the villagers last October). Madame Yetonde and Dominique, are two of several people in the village who spoke vocally about the transformation they are experiencing through TCD. 

Madame Ytonde, who is also a member of the Wellness Committee, said that since the time they started using VIP latrines, a majority of the villagers no longer defecate on their farms (which was the usual practice). She added that though they are aware that open defecation is unhealthy and the people have suffered from various kinds of diseases as a result, they had no solution to the challenge because they lacked latrines. Dominique, a young man in the village, reiterated how pleased the entire community is with the VIP latrine and water projects, expressing a readiness to participate in and own more transformational initiatives. 

Dominique, Madame Ytonde, all the members of the Wellness Committee, and several others have taken it upon themselves to keep the VIP latrines and surrounding areas clean. 

Sebastein, another member of the Water Committee, and a few other locals have taken the responsibility of operating the water taps in order to conserve solar energy and bring water wastage to the barest minimum. Interestingly, the water pipes are positioned about seven feet above ground with the control taps inside the borehole room. Loko said the community chose this “pipes and taps” design in order to guarantee that the borehole keeps serving them as a sustainable project. Takon Bingo Village is thankful for the VIP latrines, the borehole, and TCD for tremendously impacting their lives in only four months!

The Wellness Committee, motivated by the TCD worker,  Loko, have continued to impressively demonstrate responsibility for the health of their community. February witnessed “Wellness” campaigns and activities aimed at introducing lifestyle changes that can positively impact the health of the locals. Loko, taking on the dual role of educator and mobilizer, used every opportunity to speak about wellness, encouraging the community to adopt health-enhancing behaviors. Some of these behaviors included making a dish rack, a local trash bag in a family compound, co-opting more people to clean the ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines, ensuring each person who uses the latrine maintains cleanliness, and general environmental sanitation within the community. 

Importantly, it is also observable that the locals are beginning to acquire new positive values and experiencing worldview changes, which are integral for transformational development.

Kouti, Kouti District

Peter, the TCD worker  in Kouti, engaged the community on the subject of preventative health and mobilized the women for a clean-up exercise of the environment and the ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine. With this awareness, several women in the community made commitments to improve the level of hygiene in their families and become more intentional in maintaining a clean environment.

Furthering this preventative health effort, Peter plans to engage the community on Wellness in order to reduce the high prevalence of disease in the community.

Thank you!

Written by: Shade


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