700 Million People living in extreme poverty

We believe that to sustainably transform a village we must give a hand-up, not a hand out.




With the added influence on surrounding villages, the total number of villages impacted multiplies to 5-10 times more villages.

Villagers Impacted in 2023

GHNI Gatherings

An excellent opportunity to get away for a weekend and connect with friends of Global Hope. You will be able to learn more about Global Hope’s sustainable efforts around the world; connect with field leaders, management, and Board members; and develop new relationships around a common cause – to bring help and hope to the hurting and hurting.

The Gatherings start on Friday evenings and end by lunchtime on Sunday mornings. We hope you will join us soon!

Upcoming Gatherings:

    • Dallas: May 17-19, 2024 (already concluded)
    • Chicago: November (more information to come)


Global Hope Network has been helping communities work toward sustainable change for over 20 years.



Focusing on helping villagers sustainably transform their communities through Transformational Community Development (TCD).




Training and building preparedness to respond to natural disasters and political conflicts.




We equip national and local leaders with leadership skills, concepts, and methods to support and coach sustainable development in their country.



Helping to end generational poverty.

We are currently working across 30 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, where we directly impact an estimated 112,000 villagers per year.

Latest Updates from the Field

A Binodpur village lady standing in front of a newly-built well.

Cyclone Solutions

The people of Binodpur have come up with an eco-friendly way to overcome power outages.

A group of TCD participants holding a sign of the event details of the education they attended.

New Leaders Raised Up

When the idea of Transformational Community Development is shared and understood, the excitement to participate is palpable!

A TCD worker teaching TCD participants how to make soap.

Life Lessons No Matter Your Age

Whether you are young or old, many life lessons can increase the bounty of your life.

TCD participant, Umm Shenouda, focused on a conversation.

Dedicated to Learning

These two community members truly see the value of the lessons in which they have participated!

A profile photo of Umm Abanoub.

Pressing Physical and Emotional Needs

These ladies are learning that it is incredibly beneficial to look after one’s own needs and to stop allowing others to take away their energy and health.

A teacher and his students conducting an after-school activity outdoors.

Solar-Powered Lights, New Flag Pole, & Proactive Resilience

Despite the rain, Attakasikoro locals have remained creative, productive, and proactive. While in Effaoho, the school received solar-powered lights and raised the national...
A group of Cameroon villagers being taught how to sow on the ground.

Stitching Opportunity: Sewing & Literacy Center Taking Off

The Sewing and Literacy Center has gained significant and life-changing momentum. With the building almost 90% complete, a surge in attendance is expected soon!

A gathering of Naki Ouest villagers under the shade.

Unity in Action: Strengthening Infrastructure & Securing Income

Locals committed resources to complete the roof of the VIP latrine and secured land to cultivate ginger for Income Generation.

A large room having small discussion groups.

Future Leaders Learning Practical Lessons

Thinking through the needs of a community determines which TCD lessons will be the most helpful in the short and long run.

Ramatar villagers building a goat cage.

A Clean Space Builds Business

Simple steps such as cleaning a home or business can lead to a drastic improvement in morale and customers.

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