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Pakistan is a country with a rich history and beautiful people, yet many people lack the basics necessities to survive.


GHNI’s work in Pakistan centers in the Sindh Province. Our efforts have been both hindered by an accelerate by the global pandemic. Travel restrictions prevents the broad spread of our work, but instead our work took hold in neighboring villages and town. All five areas of TCD are represented in our work in Pakistan.


villagers impacted each year
Pakistan man and woman caring emergency supplies provided by GHNI.
Four flood victims with each their relief package

Sindh Province

The inhabitants of this village in Sindh Province are former indentured servants, required to pay not only their debts, but also the debt of their parents and grandparents. Escaping the clutches of an unjust landlord, they established their own village using their own resources. However they faces many difficulties like the lack of clean water, proper housing and sanitation, as well as no school for their children.


Working with the industrious villagers, our goals include providing clean water to improve their sanitation and overall health of the village. We are encouraging the wonderful people of village to using locally available resources. For example, we are helping the people use mud and straw to make bricks to construct their homes by themselves. Afterwards they are proudly colorfully painting the dwellings they build with their own hands and own resources.


Support our Disaster Response in Pakistan now!


Recently Pakistan has been devastated with seasonal monsoon rains. Like most disasters, the poor, those who can ill afford to lose whatever they have, are disproportionally affected by this catastrophe.  This is because they own the least desirable land and live in homes that are vulnerable & poorly constructed.  

Latest stories from Pakistan

Pakistan women conversing at the water tank station.
Nov 03 2023

Clean Water in the Village!

The women are so happy that they don’t have to walk far for water and can even sit on the square blocks while waiting for their jugs to fill from the taps.

A group of villagers huddled tightly while learning about TCD.
Sep 05 2023

Mindset Change is Key!

The Village Committee now understands how to help their village themselves.

A Pakistan family in front of their damaged house.
Jul 10 2023

Disabled Man Receives Rebuilding Help

When people are in dire circumstances they naturally pray to whatever god they believe in.

A Pakistanian family standing in front of their new house.
Jun 26 2023

Restoration Brings Hope and Thankfulness

As Mother Teresa said, “You can’t help all the poor in the world, but you can help the person in front of you.” So, our team is helping one family at a time.

Indonesian villagers working on a roof with TCD members.
Jun 26 2023

Villagers Learn Marketing

Now that they have products to sell, the villagers need to attract buyers.

Two Pakistani villagers working on the construction of clean water.
Apr 30 2023

Relief Builds Strong Relationships

In order to progress from relief to development, strong relationships and trust must be built for villagers to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

A villager and her home ruined by the flood.
Mar 30 2023

Flood Victims are Hopeful

It’s been more than six months since the flood and many villagers still cannot return to their homes and fields, but they are hopeful for the future.

Four flood victims with each their relief package
Feb 03 2023

Relief for Flood Victims Continues

Our Team is seeking out the “Hidden and Hurting” affected by the flood in Pakistan to bring them “Help and Hope!”

Dec 27 2022

350 Families Saved by Food & Winter Kits

Our team seeks to bring Help and Hope to the Hidden and Hurting, so they go where no one else is helping.

Pakistan man and woman caring emergency supplies provided by GHNI.
Dec 02 2022

Food & Hygiene Packs Save 250 Families

We live in such a remote area, no one wanted to help us … until GHNI came our way.


By donating today, you can help sustainably transform the lives of villagers in Pakistan. Will you join us to bring hope?

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