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The Republic of Armenia, located in the Caucasus highlands of Western Asia, is a nation with an ancient cultural heritage and beauty. 

Our work in Armenia began in the village of Spitak which has suffered from hopelessness and devastation since the earthquake of 1998. Despite recent conflict and other challenges, we’ve launched several TCD projects which are now bearing fruit throughout this community.


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Spitak Village

The aftermath of the earthquake left thousands of people homeless and destroyed about 40 percent of Armenia’s industrial capacity. Over the last 30 years, organizations and the government have handed out relief, and locals focused on aid rather than self-sustainability. There is still a high rate of unemployment in the area and most men go to other countries in search of work. This creates a huge burden for the local women to take care of their household, children, and farms.

One of our main goals is to help the community in Spitak to become more united and focused on transforming their community using their available local resources to start sewing projects and bakeries, and thus become more sustainable. Some men have already decided to stay in the village and do farming instead of leaving their families and working abroad. The local land is fertile for growing cabbages and potatoes, which becomes an income source for a family and is helping TCD go deeper in the village.

Sustainable Development Projects

Check out the Income Generation project in Armenia!

Sewing project

Spitak started with a ‘sewing’ project after supporters generously provided sewing machines,  giving local women an opportunity to learn and develop practical skills from a professional tutor. After completing the program, some of the participants set their own microbusiness making beddings, traditional aprons and handbags, while others were able to get a job in textile fabric. The trained women now teach other members of the community sewing skills. This program has also expanded into baking programs and agricultural training to help the community maximize opportunities for families to start small businesses. 

Latest stories from ARMENIA

The TCD group of Armenia around a small table.
Sep 05 2023

Meetings Birth New Plans for Spitak

Our meetings with government and community leaders and TCD members were productive and have given us hope for the future!

An Armenian boy holding a chicken egg.
Jul 10 2023

Livestock and Seeds Bless a Family

Chickens, pigs, and seeds help a family with food and income generation!

An Armenian family posing for the camera, casually.
Jun 26 2023

GHNI Helps Family Start Farm

Agricultural training, food security, and income generation are three of the ways that TCD helps poor communities.

A gorup of kids smiling after receiving toothpaste and a toothbrush.
Apr 30 2023

Children Grow in Hygiene Awareness

TCD helps children stay healthy and the schools cooperate in the process.

A woman showing her baked goods.
Mar 30 2023

Entrepreneurial Spirit Grows in Armenia

GHNI’s transforming influence helps build community and lifts some Armenians out of poverty.

Volunteers and government workers standing on a damaged roof.
Feb 03 2023

Family House Helped for Harsh Winters

With a team effort, a family of eight is now safer from the elements.

Armenian woman, Lilit, showing her package of cookies.
Feb 03 2023

Young Woman Inspires Many Others

Who is Lilit?

An Armenian woman posing inside a house.
Dec 02 2022

Armenia Mother Inspires Us!

True to TCD, the community is stepping up to help a mother and her family.

two villagers carrying buckets of water
Oct 31 2022

War-Torn Armenia Recovers Amidst Challenges

War devastation, water shortages, and poverty are pressing problems in Spitak.

A female teacher conducting a class for children
Sep 30 2022

Team-Building and Dreaming Big!

Through the hot summer months, this Armenian community continued to reach out, educate, and cooperate.


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