Burkina Faso

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It is a landlocked country in West Africa. The largest ethnic group who occupies the majority of this country are the Mossi people. The major economy is based on agriculture and rearing livestock. Over 1.5 million children experience food insecurity in the area as per the Global Hunger Index. They also experience severe acute malnutrition. With the help of GHNI, they are able to overcome their troubles with TCD coaching and our reliable plan of action to transform the community.


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Village woman handling goats

The Work in Burkina Faso

We have adopted 20 villages and their major issue are especially in food scarcity and malnutrition. We started our journey in Saneba and Koubah Bingo and extended to several neighboring villages. In Koubah Bingo their major concern is the need for milling machines to grind food before consumption. They had to travel to the city on difficult long paths, crossing mountains to access these machines. We helped them by providing mini-milling machines and we have also educated them on how to use and maintain these machines. By doing so, now they don’t have to depend on other cities for their food, thereby improving self-sustainability. They have saved money and they are on their way to attain financial freedom. As a part of achieving our goal, ‘to offer a hand up and not a handout’ numerous people have now started adopting our Transformational Community Development and the change is contagious, it keeps spreading to all the inspirational people.

Latest stories from


A Koubah Bingo villager with the goats she used for income generation.
Sep 05 2023

Witnessing the Impact of a Goat Loan

Goat loan beneficiaries began to pay back their debts, creating a cycle of independence, accountability, growth, and new Income Generation.

Two local Koubah Bingo villager sitting under the shade.
Jul 10 2023

Relief Amid Conclusion of Government Surveys

After nearly 18 months of uncertainty, life-changing TCD activities are on the horizon amid the conclusion of government surveys and allocations of land.

A mother washing his infant son's hands.
Mar 10 2023

Instilling Healthy Habits in the Next Generation

Children learned the long term health benefits and proper execution of daily hand washing and dental hygiene.

A villager showing his crops that will be sold.
Feb 03 2023

How Cassava Helped Change Minds

Skepticism quickly turned into eager success after farmers saw the swift, money-making results from organic, locally-made fertilizer, and women show off new fashion...
Dec 27 2022

Instability Hampers TCD Progress

Locals seek stability amid a difficult period of government unrest, declining harvests from local farms, and the inability to operate the milling machine.

Village woman handling goats
Sep 30 2022

Independence through Goats

A Goat Loan beneficiary nurtured the opportunity well and has begun the repayment process, on track to be independent in just a few months.

Sep 01 2022

Standing Up to Food Insecurity

The villagers stood up to the complexities of food insecurity by planting new gardens, hopeful to feed their families and generate income.


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