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Nigeria was the gateway to Transformational Community Development (TCD) for GHNI’s work in Africa. People from other countries visited Nigeria to learn and bring back the TCD trainings and project activities to their own countries in Africa. It is also a very highly populated country with multiple opportunities.



villagers impacted each year

Ahumbe students standing in front of a sowing machine and the clothing they made.

The Work in Nigeria

Currently, TCD camps in Nigeria are spread out in the villages of Dogon Gada, Borno, Boko Haram and Ezza village, consisting of Ezza tribes, and Okiti pupa in the west part of Nigeria. We have established women’s centers in different parts of these villages to empower women and promote financially sustainable development by providing sewing machines and teaching them other skills for income generation and healthcare. To bring in added sustainable development we also provided them with goat loans which will eventually result in better nutrition and reliable income to the villagers. Through years of transformation, many villages in Nigeria have gotten so much better than before and especially after their TCD graduations. They are actively participating in all the projects and inspiring several villages around them. They instill hope and confidence in other villages struggling for opportunities and have had a resulting TCD influence on 20 surrounding villages.

Latest stories from NIGERIA

A Nigerian man handing a loaf of bread to a fellow villager.
Oct 17 2023

The Impact of a Haircut!

Dignity instilled through haircuts.

A Nigerian woman placing dishes on a newly-built dishracks.
Sep 05 2023

Dish Racks Lead to Fewer Hospital Visits

A family built their own handmade dish rack, leading to a healthier family with fewer hospital visits. Goodbye germs!

Nigerian students with their sewing teacher.
Aug 11 2023

Tailoring Center Brings Style & Opportunity

As a new form of income, the tailoring center provided a safe place for interested locals to upskill and contribute in an important way to their culture and society.

A Nigerian villager placing dishes on a newly constructed dish rack.
Jul 10 2023

DIY Dish Racks Keep Dishes Off the Ground

With the construction of elevated dish racks the villagers remain healthier.

A very large group of Nigerian children at a rehab clinic.
Jun 26 2023

Children at Rehabilitation Center are Getting Healthier!

A second visit to the rehabilitation center revealed a healthier group of children and a decrease in illnesses and scalp rashes.

A Nigerian man working on his specialty with shoes.
Mar 30 2023

One Foot in Front of the Other… Literally

A young man who learned a new shoe making trade is now brainstorming, with the help of a devoted TCD worker, how to raise capital to be more independent.

Mentor, Moses, showing the children how to make trash bags.
Mar 10 2023

Addressing Littering with Handmade Trash Bins

As part of a weekly mentoring program, a TCD worker addressed a littering habit by teaching students how to makeshift their own trash bins.

A Nigerian boy getting a haircut.
Feb 03 2023

TCD Visits the School for the Deaf

Spreading end-of-year love, TCD visited the school for the deaf, where students enthusiastically learned about hygiene, got haircuts, and felt seen.

Dec 27 2022

Financial Planning Lessons 

The villages got a visitor, a neighbouring community received its first TCD lesson, and the Tailoring Center maintained steady progress.

TCD Supporter, John, seeing Ahumbe villagers work on a borehole.
Dec 02 2022

A New Village Gets a TCD Lesson

The villages got a visitor, a neighbouring community received its first TCD lesson, and the Tailoring Center maintained steady progress.


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