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Togo is a tropical, sub-Saharan nation in west Africa whose economy depends mostly on Agriculture. They need more guidance on new techniques especially in agriculture and new irrigation systems as well as other areas of TCD.



villagers impacted each year

Locals from Togo gathered together
Locals from Togo gathered together

The Work in Togo

GHNI has helped them bring in change to their lives by building new wells to improve irrigation. Our team has helped them establish women’s empowerment centers and brought in sewing machines to help them generate income and promote women’s development and sustainability in Talonga and Batemoni. They are so grateful for the help and the hope they are receiving as they see developments emerging all around their village.

Literacy centers have also been established in Batemoni and the people of all agers are really extending their support and showing their enthusiasm to learn more. Due to their involvement, the literacy centers are now slowly being developed into early education centers and soon, with better funding new schools will be built. Having a proper school in one of the villages will ensure better education for children in all the surrounding communities.

For health, they are also developing to adapt better sanitation practices as we helped them build more latrines in Blamonga and Kouti. We have also set up medical camps in the area and we found out that they are in desperate need of very essential resources at the least. Healthcare is important as a significant population is also affected by Goiter disease that causes swelling in necks and they need surgeries. They also need help building schools and they have the right training to maintain them and develop them but they just need some funds to afford the building cost. 

Togo is one of the places where TCD transformation has also inspired several surrounding villages to follow them and develop on their own. They are joining communities together and advancing the world and their futures.

Recently there is also need with the state of emergency floods in the rural and Ndjamena areas, with eyes always toward new TCD and village graduation opportunities.

Latest stories from TOGO

A gathering of Naki Ouest villagers under the shade.
May 06 2024

Unity in Action: Strengthening Infrastructure & Securing Income

Locals committed resources to complete the roof of the VIP latrine and secured land to cultivate ginger for Income Generation.

TCD worker, Sayi, with the Djabegou locals.
Apr 03 2024

Community Seeks Water Solutions

Dry wells are a big problem that needs to be solved.

Mar 17 2024

Medical Outreach Leads to VIP Latrine Construction

Following a successful 2023 medical outreach, a Health Committee was formed to maintain progress, involving locals in constructing a VIP latrine.

Mar 17 2024

Community Contributions Ensures Clean Water

The Water Committee established monthly family contributions for borehole maintenance, backed by appreciative villagers benefiting from clean water after enduring years of...
Mar 17 2024

Desire for TCD Leads to Community Action

The spark for transformation has been ignited as villagers established their very own TCD committees!

Mar 17 2024

Medical Outreach Leads to TCD Committees

Following a medical outreach, TCD committees have been formed to anchor TCD initiatives, and villagers anticipate a positive impact in the future.

Nov 20 2023

STT Medical Outreach in TOGO

Our field board chair, Norm Hawkins, and his wife, Barb, served on a medical outreach to four villages in central Togo, Africa in November 2023. Global Hope served with a...
A TCD worker teaching a small group of Togo villagers.
Oct 17 2023

Saving Money & Getting Healthy with Organic Fertilizer

After TCD partner introduced and donated organic fertilizer, the villagers are eager to participate and own the production of a healthier and effective option.

Togo villagers standing with their crops.
Sep 05 2023

Growth… Even in a Tough Economy

Although the price of fertilizers have skyrocketed, Batemone farmers continue to thrive thanks to TCD and their new locally made organic fertilizer.

A group of Togo villagers attending a financial literacy class.
Aug 11 2023

Welcome to Financial Literacy Class

Women participated in a financial literacy class where they learned how to practically guard against wasting money and sustain the income they are now generating.


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