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We partner in Turkey with Toplumsal Dönüşüm Derneği (The Association Community Development) to give Help and Hope to the most vulnerable of society, most often women and children.

As we work with the most vulnerable, we have initially focused on Roma Communities. This is because they suffer long standing prejudice and structural inequalities. Likewise, internal support within these communities needs to be strengthened. Even though we are focused on the Roma, we are interested in helping not just the Roma, but many various vulnerable communities.


villagers impacted each year


"It's not just about the knitting, when I do this project, it gives me something else to think about besides my problems."


"I don't do the knitting for the money. It keeps my mind occupied and I can think straight."

Smyrna Women’s Empowerment Center

As we sought to start to work in Roma community, Beth Latsa, wife of our Regional Field Leader came up with the idea of a knitting project as a “Seed Project.” What started as an entry way into the community has become the bedrock of our work. From this one project, GHNI has built credibility and trust with members of the community. Most of our other works from from this knitting project, that continues to grow.

Although this project started as a knitting project, it has involved into much more. One of the main benefits is the money that the women earn. Because of cultural barriers, most women seldomly leave their neighborhood, even spending the majority of the day in their home. Getting a job outside the home is not realist among this population. Women use the skills they already have (Turks are excellent knitters) to earn money. For most, this is the first time they have made money in their life. At the bi-weekly meetings, our staff Basak conducts a form of TCD lessons. From this we have started to work with both school aged children and the vulnerable youth.


Support our Disaster Response in Turkey now!


The Turkey 7.8 magnitude earthquake that first hit on February 6, 2023, was one of Turkey’s worst disasters in decades. News of the devastation is continuing to pour in and the death toll is expected to keep climbing. GHNI has been working in Turkey for 20+ years and has a strong local team on the ground who have experience with earthquakes.

Latest stories from TURKEY

A group of Turkish citizens talking to their mayor.
Oct 17 2023

Planning the Next Season

The Smyrna Empowerment Center is looking to bring joy and hope to more women as the winter season approaches.

The TCD team standing in front of a Malatya statue.
Sep 05 2023

Feeling Heard and Being Seen

Continued care for those traumatized by the earthquakes leads to growing mental and emotional relief for the displaced.

Jul 04 2023

Mental Health Team goes to Turkey!

Working in conjunction with the GHNI team in Turkey, a team of mental health providers are in the Malatya area to provide trauma education and counseling in the wake of the...
Three men sorting food for Turkey earthquake survivors.
Apr 30 2023

An Active Role in Rebuilding

After the devastating earthquakes and flood, the Women’s Empowerment Center worked tirelessly to provide food and support to their communities and the multitude of displaced...
The suburban part of Turkey.
Mar 30 2023

A Fresh Hope

Hope grows in the hearts of the Roma youth, even as a neighborhood experiences its last months.

Feb 09 2023

Ongoing Updates on our Disaster Response for Turkey

Read the latest updates on our Disaster Response for the earthquakes in Turkey! Please consider donating to help families devastated by these earthquakes.

A lengthy table filled with teachers and student at the Women's Empowerment Center.
Feb 03 2023

Celebrating Growth and Connection

The Empowerment Center finished up the year with celebrations and rejoicing for the growth their participants have experienced.

A Turkish family that took part in learning about TCD.
Dec 02 2022

Working Towards a Stronger Future

Working together to build capacity and care brings encouragement and hope to many.

Nov 01 2022

Finding Reconciliation at Seaside

While the centre gained the attention of local leaders, the most rewarding progress was found on a trip to the seaside, where many mothers found reconciliation with their...
Sep 01 2022

Better Together, Team Education

We prepared a TEAM education project where Turkish and American educators work with GHNI.


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